Coconapple...tum tum!Zorch
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Gender Preference Male
Color Red
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Zorch is an Infernite Mixel.


Zorch is the fastest Infernite. The fiery jets from this cheeky Mixel’s backside leave Nixels standing in a cloud of smoke.



Zorch sees Seismo struggling to reach a coconapple, and suggests they mix. Seismo is very reluctant, but Zorch does coax him into it. Once they mix, Seismo looks at his new feet and accidentally scorches his own face. It then knocks over Krader and Shuff, and then lands into a volcano, where Flain causes an explosion, reverting them to their normal selves. Seismo is angry with Zorch when a coconapple falls on Seismo, knocking him out. Ultimately, Zorch eats the coconapple.


Zorch is enjoying cookironis with the rest of the mixels, when they realize that Krader has the last one. Krader attempts to go underground to eat it, but Zorch speedily steals it away from him. Zorch is about to eat it, when Shuff surfaces from underground and bumps Zorch away. Later, he mixes with Flain and Vulk to create the Infernite max, and they fight against the Cragster and Electroid maxes for the Cookironi. Then they all revert to their normal selves, and a dizzy Zorch sits on the Cookironi and breaks it. Then the mixels see a nixel with a box of cookironis, and chase after it.

Hot Lava Shower

Zorch mixes with Flain and Vulk to create the Infernites Max. They ultimately fix the hot shower faucet.


  • He is a postman in the episode Mailman.

Set Information

Zorch was released as one of the Mixels sets in the Febuary 2014 product wave. His product number is 41502.






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