Zaptor & Seismo Mix 1
Cartoon Appearances Another Nixel
Primary Mixel Zaptor
Secondary Mixel Seismo
Purpose To hurt Major Nixel (Another Nixel)
Ability Can summon electrified stones

The first Zaptor & Seismo Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Another Nixel.

Physical Appearance

The Mix has Zaptor's body, although he has one eye with Seismo's eyebrow. At the back of his body is a round, grey shell. He also has Zaptor's legs with Seismo's feet, except his feet lack Seismo's rock pattern, they have yellow highlights on the bottom, and they have Zaptor's toenails. On the top of his head is a grey, round cap with Seismo's horns facing up with yellow highlights connecting the horns to the cap and Zaptor's lightning rod coming out of the center of the cap.


Another Nixel

Major Nixel had sent three Nixels to the Infernite's, Cragster's and Electroid's lands to gather Cubits. The Nixel that went to the Mountain City returned with a Cubit and this Mix, who proceeded to electrocute Major Nixel as the three Nixels laughed.


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