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Zabo is a Muncho Mixel.



Although he appears large and fierce-looking, Zabo is actually friendly. He is also very goofy and naive, saying things that sometimes annoys his friends.

Physical Appearance

Zabo has a lavender and purple striped, irregular but rounded body with eight purple spikes, two at the top, three at his back and three at on his lavender tail with a black accent. He also has two eyes and between them is his lavender upper mouth and on his purple lower mouth has three sharp teeth. He has two lavender shoulder pads with black arms with lavender accents and has two grey hands. He has two short grey legs with purple trapezoid shaped feet and with a lavender triangular toe on each foot.


Early life

Little is known about Zabo's past. However, at one point in time, he was enrolled in Mixopolis Middle School. He later set up the Kid's Club with his friends.

First adventures

Zabo attends Mixopolis Middle School.

He was first seen in the Mixopolis Middle School gym during a game of Murpball. He was even chosen for Mixadel's red team.

He is later seen getting hit with a Cubit Ball during the game by Jamzy as a demonstration to Camillot on how to take out opponents. ("Every Knight Has Its Day")

Zabo, along with Scrud, Blip and Booger broke into the I-Cubit Building and helped Booger reverse the effects of the I-Cubit on some other Mixels. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")

Memorable Quotes


Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

His placeholder name was voted on here, the winner was "Hungurr" by JoshTheKnife, which was used until he was given an official name. His official name seemingly has no meaning, similarly to Blip and Scrud.


In the TV series, and where sound clips are used, Zabo's voice was provided by Jess Harnell.

Real-life history


Zabo debuted in the TV series on March 5, 2016 in Every Knight Has Its Day. He does not have a LEGO set.


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TV series

Season 2



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