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MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of the Wiztastics. The Wiztastics are a traveling troupe of magicians known for putting on the most spectacular shows in the land.

41526 Wizwuz b.png
Debut Mixed Up
Last Appearance ?
Nicknames (aka) ?
Tribe Wiztastics
Position Member
Magician's Assistant
Gender Preference Male
Color Purple
Special Features Magic Breath
Six Legs
Blue lips
Likes ?
Dislikes Nixels
Quote "Amazed."
Voice Actor Bumper Robinson
Game Abilities ?
File:41526 Wizwuz.png
Series 3
Item Number 41526
Packaging Purple polybag
No. of Pieces 70
Price $4.99 USD
In-Booklet Code HOCU8POCU8

Wizwuz is a Wiztastics Mixel.


Wizwuz is the over-enthusiastic magician’s assistant in the Wiztastics traveling troupe. On stage, this goofy, six-legged character is constantly messing up, but it doesn’t matter because the wild antics are half the fun. Whether burping spells or hanging from the ceiling, Wizwuz simply loves to perform and is sure to have the audience laughing their heads off!


Wizwuz is the wild Wiztastic. He's an assistant, but his hyper, lovable, and playful personality makes him act as a leader, basically. Wizwuz loves all kinds of activities, from burping out magic to hanging off the ceiling to playing with his fellow Mixels. Wizwuz is a happy spirit, and you can't change that!

Physical Appearance

Wizwuz is mostly purple in color. He has a well-defined upper lip which has two eyes on top of it on either side of a purple rectangle that has two blue cat-like ears on it. His bottom lip is blue with a light grey bottom. His upper jaw has three downwards facing fangs, while his lower jaw has two spaced upwards facing buck teeth. His body is purple with a shell-like top and a black stripe that connects it to his head. He has six black pointed legs, each with a silver stripe in the middle. He has a silver tail with a thick purple section that has purple points and a blue rectangle on its base. At the end of it is a silver hook.

Set Information

Wizwuz was released as part of the Mixels sets in the September 2014 product wave. His product number is 41526 and contains 70 pieces.

In-Booklet code

Wizwuz's code in Calling All Mixels is HOCU8POCU8, which is HocusPocus when decoded. he loves to play


  • His name is a pun on the word "Wizard" due to the name of the Mixels tribe he is in, the "Wiztastics".
  • His name is sometimes misspelled as "Wiswuz"
  • He is the only Wiztastic that doesn't have his name starting with "M".
    • He is also the only Mixel whose name starts with "W".
  • He can create magical essence from his mouth, similar to the abilities of the Marvel villain Mysterio.
    • Like Flurr and Burnard, he can breathe/blow something out of his mouth, this being a magical blue burp.
  • So far, he has the least possible Mixes in cartoon form (Only one, and with Glurt).
  • He has the most pieces out of the Wiztastics.
  • He makes faces out of magic clouds to express his feelings.
  • He is the shortest of the Wiztastics.
  • He and Scorpi are insect-like Mixels.


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Season 3



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