Series 3
Color Purple
Blue and black highlights
Home Magic Tent
Occupation Magic Mixels
performers and magicians
Leader Magnifo

The Wiztastics are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. This travelling magic troupe are known for putting on spectacular shows. They are in purple and trans dark blue color.


Image Name Description
41525 Magnifo b2 Magnifo The leader, the smartest and most serious out of the group who wants to be in the spotlight whenever possible.
41524 Mesmo b Mesmo A serious Mixel who usually lacks showmanship and emotional expression.
41526 Wizwuz b Wizwuz The accident prone but loyal magician's assistant.


Each other

Mesmo and Wizwuz are Magnifo's loyal assistants, though they seem a bit exasperated and confused with his introductions.


Vulk seems to like the Wiztastics' magic shows as he is the only one who watches them, Flain appears to be bored and slightly annoyed of Magnifo, and Zorch's relationship with them is unknown.


Neutral, so far.


Zaptor appears to be slightly bored and annoyed with MagnifoTeslo and Volectro's relationship with them is unknown.


Lunk appears to be slightly bored and annoyed with MagnifoFlurr and Slumbo's relationship with them is unknown.

Fang Gang

Chomly appears to be slightly bored and annoyed with MagnifoJawg and Gobba's relationship with them is unknown.


Neutral, so far.

Glorp Corp

Torts appears to be friends with MesmoGlomp and Glurt are neutral so far.


Scorpi is afraid of Magnifo's loud magic, Footi and Hoogi are neutral so far.


Neutral, so far.


Neutral, so far.


Neutral, so far.


Neutral, so far.


Neutral, so far.

Food Tribe

Neutral, so far.


The following list is of episodes in which all three members of this tribe are seen.


  • Their leader is Magnifo.
  • They are based upon the power of magic.
  • They all have additional parts or appendages, such as how Wizwuz has a hook on his tail, Magnifo has a cape and wands, and Mesmo has wizard hats.
  • Their cycloptic member is Magnifo.
  • Their tribe name is based off the word "wizard".
  • Their Max is a magical manticore-like creature.
  • Despite their LEGO description saying they put on spectacular shows, in the TV Show, their shows are embarrassing and horrible. However, they seem to be very unintentionally humorous.
  • So far, Vulk is the only Mixel who likes their shows as seen in Mixed Up Special.
  • A false rumor went around before their release that they had star or moon patterns on their bodies in some way.
  • They are the fifth tribe to appear in the Series 3 intro.
  • So far, none of the members have been referred to by their names in the cartoon. However, they are the only Series 3 tribe to have been referred to by tribe name in the cartoon.
  • They are the first tribe to have more than one member with a tail.
  • They are the first purple tribe; the second being the Food Tribe.


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