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*It may be the location of the original [[Nixels Land]], which is similarly an endless, white void; however, the walls are painted.
*It may be the location of the original [[Nixels Land]], which is similarly an endless, white void; however, the walls are painted.
*It slightly resembles the World of Nothing from ''Super Paper Mario''.
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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White Space
White space
Inhabitants None
Visitors All Series 1-9 Mixels except Weldos
Major Nixel
King Nixel
Features None, literally

The White Space is a location, or the lack of location. It is a void that Mixels can go in and out of and is often used for gags.


It is white.


Season 1

When Zaptor and Vulk Mix to get rid of a pothole, they end up destroying the entire land, leaving them in a void. In belief that they have saved their land from further disaster, they walk off peacefully and continue their conversation. ("Pothole")

Season 2


Zaptor, Globert, Torts, Meltus, Chomly, and Nurp-Naut are briefly seen here in the intro. When Burnard pulls the Gravity Plug, everything in the universe is sucked into it except for the Glowkies Max, who finishes their song inside the white space, smashes their guitar, and walks off. Everything is eventually restored. ("Mixel Moon Madness")

All Series 5 and Series 6 Mixels fight to obtain a single living Cubit inside the void. After most Mixels in existence find out at the end of their quest that the Mixamajig is a hoax, they are all captured and King Nixel declares the white space their new land, leaving only King Nixel's Airship, him, Major Nixel, and tons of Nixels.

However, the Mixels still have Cubits on them, so they Mix and Max to fight off King Nixel, who uses all of his Nixels to turn into a large, mechanized version of themselves. The Mixels then use their strongest force, the Ultra-Miximum Max, to defeat and break apart all of the Nixels, including King Nixel, and they all flee to a nearby cave.

This leaves all of the Mixels in the void, with none of their previous land behind them. The Weldos then come out of a pothole, which presumably has connection to Weldo Land, and build up Mixopolis, ("A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig") which eventually, by random cartoon logic, moves itself back to Planet Mixel.


The white space is seen again in the intros for both "Every Knight Has Its Day," where Series 7 Mixels mix chase each other around, and "Nixel, Nixel, Go Away," where Series 8 and 9 Mixels fight against each other for a sentient Cubit and are eventually all gobbled up by Compax, who transforms into the Mixels logo.

The white space is then never seen again.


  • It may be the location of the original Nixels Land, which is similarly an endless, white void; however, the walls are painted.
  • It slightly resembles the World of Nothing from Super Paper Mario.


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