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Weldos Max
WeldosS6 Max
Appearances None to date
Primary Mixel Kramm
Secondary Mixel Forx
Tertiary Mixel Wuzzo
Purpose(s) Unknown
Ability(ies) Can shoot oil from his drill.

The Weldos Max is a Max that will appear in 2015.

Physical Appearance

This Max resembles Kramm the most.

The Weldos Max has one of Wuzzo's eyes with sharp teeth at the sides of it. He has a large crane on his head with a wrecking ball. His right arm is black, yellow and grey striped, like his hands. However, his two fingers have two lights and small thumbs. At the left side, he's similar to Kramm except he's round jointed and mostly different. His feet are yellow and black with Wuzzo's toes and bear a similarity to boots. His horns are curvy and grey.


Can fire oil from his drill

Set Information

Weldos Max vector by Dadaw

The Weldos Max can be built using parts combined from Mixels sets 41545 Kramm, 41546 Forx, and 41547 Wuzzo. Extra parts are left over after construction. Instructions will be available on the LEGO website downloads page.


  • His design is based off of many different construction vehicles and tools. These include wrecking balls, drills, and excavators.
  • He is the second Max that has one half-closed eye, the first being the Klinkers Max.
  • He is the fourth cycloptic Max, first being the Infernites Max 2015, second being the Glowkies Max, and third being the Klinkers Max.
  • He is one of the five Maxes, along with the Electroids MaxGlorp Corp Max 2014, Klinkers Max, and Lixers Max, without an opening mouth in LEGO form.
  • He is the first known Max, as well as Mixel, with its mouth placed horizontally.
  • He is the first known Max that has boot-like feet.
  • His eye appears to be inside his mouth.
  • His mouth strongly resembles that of a caterpillar, possibly as a joke alluding to the Caterpillar construction vehicle company.
  • He slightly resembles Emmets Construction Mech from The Lego Movie
  • While in the animated version, the Weldos Max has Seismo-like horns, but in Lego form, it has Banana-shaped horns.


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Weldos Max
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