Weldo Land
Weldos Land try
Inhabitants Weldos
Visitors Berp
Features Construction machines
Conveyor belt

The Weldo Land is a location on Planet Mixel. It is the home of the Weldos.


Weldo Land seems to consist of an underground golden brown and dark yellow area with lots of dirt. There also appears to be various construction machines and arrow signs everywhere.

In Apps

Mixels Rush

Weldo Land MR

In Mixels Rush, Weldo Land is the eighth world in the game.

Background Music

Mixels Rush

Bgm weldos


  • This appears to be the first region to have modern machinery and architecture.
  • The Weldos may use the manhole covers present to travel to other locations.
  • This, Musicland, the MCFD Station, and the original Swamplands are the only locations that did not appear in the show.
  • This is the fourth location to have a LEGO version of itself; the first three being the Magic Tent, Frozen Volcanoes, and Klinkerton.
  • The preliminary design for the location was designed as an area with unfinished skyscrapers being built.


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