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MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of Infernites. Fiery, short-tempered, but handy for a barbecue, the red-hot Infernites dwell in the magma wastelands near the Earth's core.

41501 Vulk b
Debut Coconapple
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Infernites
Position Member
Gender Preference Male
Color Red
Special Features One eye
Scorching hot hands
Cat-like ears
Likes Lava showers[1]
Ice cream[2]
Magic Shows[3]
Dislikes Nixels
Quote "Oh, sorry guys..."
Voice Actor Jess Harnell
Game Abilities  ?
File:Vulk Set.png
Series 1
Item Number 41501
Packaging Red polybag
No. of Pieces 69
Price $4.99 USD
In-Booklet Code F1REF1N8RS

Vulk is a Infernites Mixel.


The strong one. He might be a little dim but his heart burns the brightest. His heated hands can dig an escape route or make a surface too hot for enemies to cross. Unfortunately, he often forgets he’s got a stove for a hand and gives some painful high fives. Vulk is part of the Infernites tribe and very handy for a barbecue.


Vulk is dim-witted, but lovable. He often makes mistakes, and his very clumsy, but his lovable personality often makes him forgiven. He is known to love jokes and is helpful and friendly to all Mixels. He is a little bit soft-spoken and his voice is often a little quiet, but he is still a reliable Mixel.

Physical Appearance

Vulk is mostly red. He has a small head with well-defined lips that have three fangs pointing downwards. He has a stocky body that tapers downwards. He is a Cyclops, so he has a single eye. On top of his head are two black cat-like ears. His arms are light grey and fairly long, with grey hands with three burning orange fingers on each. His legs are light grey and fairly short, with tall red feet with two dark red toes on each foot.



Vulk is seen at the beginning, getting spanked with a towel by Zorch as a prank. He appears angry, chasing Zorch before he trips and spins.


Vulk is enjoying cookironis with the other Mixels when they realize that Krader has the last one. Later, Vulk knocks Shuff away with a punch to get it, but is then zapped by Zaptor, causing him to crash into a rock and lose it. He mixes with Flain and Zorch to create the Infernites max and battle until they all de-mix and Zorch sits on the Cookironi. The Mixels then see a Nixel with a box of cookironis and chase after it.

Hot Lava Shower

Vulk is taking a hot shower when the plumbing gets clogged and stops working. He immediately tells his problems to Flain, who suggests they mix to create the Infernites Max. They fix the faucet but this inadvertently causes Krader and Teslo to get their butt and mouth burned, respectively. Vulk then sees an angry and burnt Krader and Teslo. He makes it up to them by giving them ice cream to heal their burn wounds, and everyone is happy.


Vulk and Zaptor mix to fix a pothole in the sidewalk.


Vulk is seen sitting on a bench with Flain and Zorch watching the Cragsters play Rockball and later mixes with Seismo to play Mixelball.

Bar B Cubes

Slumbo's Ice Cream falls in Vulk's barbecue fire, so the two have the idea to open a roadside stand to sell Bar B Cubes, all while mixing. This pleases Gobba, who gets free samples from both their stand and Krader and Volectro's Rock Pops stand.

Vaudeville Fun

He is seen at the judging panel, disapproving of Kraw and Gobba's performance.


Vulk is an attendant to Balk's party.

Mixed Up Special

In the Murp Romp Minisode, Vulk was an attendant to the Wiztastics' show, despite the fact that nobody else came when he did. At the end of the episode, when Magnifo's show seemed to reach the point it would've gotten boring, the rest of the Series 3 Mixels came tumbling down into a miraculous upside-down pyramid formation. Vulk enjoyed this, however, and happily stated that he loved the show. This brought joy to Magnifo as a result, until everyone came tumbling down on top of him. 

In the Epic Comedy Adventure, Vulk was the DJ at the Mix Festival. However, he and the rest of the Mixels at the Festival had all of the color drained from them by the Nixels and their leader, turning Vulk and everyone else into zombie-like creatures. He was present when the color was returned to the Mix Festival, and enjoyed the rest of the party by Mixing with everyone else and dancing.


Other Infernites

Vulk and Flain are friendly towards each other and therefore has a good relationship. And he hates Zorch like the Cragsters do.


He invited Krader over for ice cream along with Teslo. He also combined with Seismo when playing Mixelball. His relationship with Shuff seems neutral.


Vulk is best friends with Zaptor because they tell jokes together. He is also friends with Teslo for he invites him and Krader for some ice cream. However, he is seen interacting with Volectro as a rival when competing for Gobba's one Muck with Slumbo and Krader .


Vulk and Slumbo seem to have a fine friendship with each other, even though ice and fire are opposites. It is unknown to what he thinks about Lunk and Flurr.

Fang Gang

Neutral so far.


Vulk was invited to Balk's party, wich may mean they are friends.

Glorp Corp

Neutral so far.


Neutral so far.


Vulk appears to enjoy their shows, being the sole attendant once. This could imply that they are on good terms. He was their biggest fan.



Set Information

Vulk was released as one of the Mixels sets in the March 2014 product wave. His product number is 41501 and contains 69 pieces.

In-Booklet code

Vulk's in-booklet code is F1REF1N8RS, which is FireFingers when decoded.










Sources and References

  1. "Hot Lava Shower" - He is seen enjoying a lava shower, before the plumbing fails.
  2. "Hot Lava Shower" - He shares ice cream as a treat with Teslo and Krader after the plumbing is fixed.
  3. "Mixed Up Special"
  4. "Murp Romp" - He is seen loving the Wiztastics' magic shows at the end of the special.


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