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Vulk's House
Vulk's lava shower in his house with him, as
it appears in Hot Lava Shower when it
stops working.
Inhabitants Vulk
Visitors Krader
Features Lava shower
Lava curtain door
Vulk's towel

Vulk's House is a location in the Magma Wastelands, in which Vulk resides.



The interior of Vulk's House appears to have a dark red background with a rocky, dark-red chunk, on which Vulk usually stands for his lava showers. At the left, there is a towel rack with Vulk's towel hanging onto it. At the right of Vulk's House is a rocky, dark-red wall with a pipe, which is used as the lava shower's faucet, as it soon reaches to where it is a the top, pointing downwards.


  • This is the first Mixel home shown in the series.
  • Vulk is seen with a towel with a V on it, which stands for Vulk. This could possibly mean that the Infernites (and possibly other Mixels) created their own products.
  • It is unknown what the exterior of Vulk's house looks like.


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