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Volectro is an Electroid Mixel.



Out of all the Electroids, Volectro is the most energetically hyper, possibly more so than Zaptor. He gets easily excited over various things, even inconveniences, and is the life of the party whenever he is around. He also likes to throw parties (mostly when his brothers aren’t around) and will do anything to have some fun with his life. However, he can sometimes be too energetic, often leading to dangerously unpredictable results for those around him, mostly due to his wild hairdo. He also has the tendency to laugh easily to the point where he laughs 24/7.

Physical Appearance

Volectro is mostly yellow in color. His face acts as a body as well. It is squarish and widens at the bottom. At the top of his head is a gold static-charged spiky haircut. He has two small eyes that are closed together and separated by a grey band. He has a prominent lip with two fangs that point downwards from it. His arms are yellow, jointed, and long. His hands are gold, with two fingers with purplish-blue fingernail tips. His legs are shorter and light grey, with gold boot-like feet with a single yellow point on the toes. He also includes a gold point at the back of his body.


His electrical fingers can electrocute whatever he touches, and can also create a large beam. He also has a static hair that can cause various objects to stick to him, with the drawback that he is unable to decide what sticks.

Calling All Mixels

  • Ability volectro lightning strike.png Lightning Bolt: Volectro calls out a lightning storm that stuns enemies in-range.
  • Ability volectro static cling.png Static Cling: Volectro calls out a group of Nixels to attack him, and also becomes invincible for a short time.
  • Ability volectro lightning beam.png Beam Blast: Volectro creates a large beam of electricity with his hands and selects certain targets and starts damaging them.


Early life

Little is known about Volectro's early life. However, he has managed to shock himself enough in the past to cause a spiky, static-charged hairdo.

First adventures

At a party, he managed to get kidnapped by the Nixels, and had to be rescued to help rescue the other Mixels. ("Calling All Mixels")

While enjoying Cookironis with the other Mixels, he ended up realizing that Krader had the last one. He eventually joined with Teslo and Zaptor and Maxed for it, fighting against the Infernites Max and Cragsters Max. While the cookironi ended up broken in the process, they encounterd a Nixel with a box of them to himself, and they gave chase. ("Cookironi")

During a ritual for the Electroid Annual Dance Party, it appeared that he and his brothers were going to sacrifice Krader. After setting things straight with Shuff and Seismo, the Cragsters ended up joining their party. The Electroids eventually ended up Maxing together to compete in a dance contest. ("Electrorock")

He attended a party that ended up being literally crashed by Krader and Flain. ("Murp")

During a lesson by Teslo on how many Electroids it takes to change a light bulb, he questioned when they would ever need to know this. As if fate, the light bulb illuminating the room shattered. Although afraid for a moment, he managed to find a Cubit, which the three of them used to Max to replace the light bulb that Teslo finds. ("Changing a Light Bulb")

He found himself up against a swarm of Nixels alongside his brothers. They Maxed to fend off the Nixels. ("Electroids MAX!")

During a futile attempt to get a tan, an explosion caused from a Mixelball game ended up covering him in ashes. ("Rockball")

Volectro and Shuff getting saved from Nixels by Flurr.

He and Shuff were once chased by a Nixel army. Despite having a Cubit with him, it was the wrong colors. Flurr and Gobba ended up saving the two of them after they plummeted off of a cliff and helped stop the Nixels as well. ("Wrong Colors")

After accidentally belching his Zap Zaps into Krader's Rocks, he was at first nervous, but then ended up Mixing with him to create Rock Pops after the resulting combination is delicious. They made a stand to sell their food, and also to compete against Vulk and Slumbo's Bar-B-Cubes stand to make money from Gobba. In the process, they loaded Gobba up with so many free samples that he ended up being too full to make a purchase. ("Bar B Cubes")

He was a judge at a talent competition, giving a negative mark to Gobba and Kraw's performances. ("Vaudeville Fun")

He was an invitee to Balk's birthday party. ("Elevator")

Further adventures

During the annual Mix Festival, he grew angry at Zaptor for eating all of the Hamlogna Sandwiches, to the point he declared that he ruined the festival. Later, he got Nixed by the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer, but was later brought back to normal. ("Epic Comedy Adventure")

He, Flain, Seismo, Slumbo, Chomly and Kraw were arguing about who should use a Cubit, while a Nixel was sneaking up on them. Volectro got upset over the argument, causing his body to have a higher electric pull than normal. The Nixel became stuck to Volectro's hair, and Volectro decided to keep the Nixel as a pet. ("LEGO Mixels: Activity Book")

He ended up as one of the victims of the Scorpi & Glurt Murp, getting encased in slime. ("Murp Romp")

Volectro was one of many Mixels who were forced to outrun the Nixelstorm and help shut it down. ("Mixels Rush")

Volectro was one of almost all of the Mixels who searched and fought for the Mixamajig, and then captured by King Nixel. He Maxed with his branch of the Electroids in order to defeat him, and Mixopolis was revealed by the Weldos soon after. ("A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig")

Volectro was one of the watchers of a fire that broke out in an apartment building in Mixopolis. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")

Memorable Quotes

  • "I LOVE COOKIRONIS!" - Volectro, Cookironi
  • "Yeah! We're just preparing for the annual Electroid danzzzzzzzzzze party! AHAHAHA!" - Volectro, Electrorock
  • "KEEP RUNNING!" - Volectro, Wrong Colors
  • "Yeah! But this one's the WRONG COLORS!" - Volectro, Wrong Colors
  • "Rad fun! Rad fun!" - Volectro and Shuff, Wrong Colors
  • "LISTEN UP! It seems that Zaptor here has eaten all of the Hamlogna Sandwiches, and RUINED THE MIXEL FESTIVAL!" - Volectro, Epic Comedy Adventure

Set Information

Volectro was released as one of the Series 1 Mixels sets in the March 2014 product wave. His product number was 41508 and he contains 70 pieces.

41508 Volectro can be combined with 41507 Zaptor and 41506 Teslo to create the Electroids Max.

LEGO Shop product description

Get super-static with VOLECTRO, the wild-haired Electroid!

Every day is a bad hair day for scatter-brained VOLECTRO of the Electroids, a zany tribe of Mixels who live high up in the mountainous forest to stay close to the lightning storms that power them. One too many electric shocks have made VOLECTRO emit loads of static energy which this hilarious Mixel uses to draw anything it desires to that mega hairdo!

  • Features electricity fingers, a great hairdo and poseable joints
  • Collect all three Mixels in the Electroid tribe to build the super Mixel tribe combo
  • Combine with 41502 ZORCH from the LEGO® Mixels™ Infernite tribe for a quirky mixed-up Mixel
  • Go to LEGO.com/mixels for exclusive building instructions, animations, wallpapers and much more
  • Watch all your favorite Mixel characters on Cartoon Network
  • Play the game available for iOS and Android
  • Stands over 3” (10cm) tall

Sidebar description

Joke around and get super-static with VOLECTRO, one of three lightning-charged Electroids in LEGO® Mixels™ Series 1!

In-Booklet code

Volectro's in-booklet code for Calling All Mixels is STAT18LI3NG, which is StaticCling when decoded. Once entered, it will unlock 25 Cubits and Beam Blast.

Background Information

  • He represents November in the Mixels: 2015 Wall Calendar.
  • One specific static artwork of him running that has been used in various media incorrectly layers his legs, making them sit wrong on his body.


  • According to LEGO Mixels: Activity Book, his static hair charge is a sort of nervous tic that goes off when he gets upset.
  • His fingertips can light up like a flashlight in the dark.
  • Both he and Zaptor appear to be afraid of the dark.
  • He can shock himself so much that he can create fireworks. It is unknown if the other Electroids have this ability as well.
  • He is the only Electroid to not use any lightning bolt-shaped pieces.
  • He has a pet Nixel named Nixie.
  • His fingers are shaped like magnets in some forms of media.
  • Early concept artwork for The LEGO Movie 2 showcased Volectro alongside other Mixel-esque builds. These did not appear in the final film.[5]

Behind the Scenes

Name and basis

Volectro's name is a combination of the words "volt" and "electro".


In the TV series, and where sound clips are used, Volectro's voice is provided by David P. Smith. His voice is high pitched, with a Jersey-esque accent.

Real-life history

Early development

Volectro was originally going to be almost all one shade of yellow.[6]

He was originally going to have purple hair.[7]



Volectro was first revealed as a character in the Mixels franchise on July 22, 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con International, when Mixels was first announced. Both his LEGO set and cartoon artwork were shown. Alongside him were Flain of the Infernites and Seismo of the Cragsters.[8]

On December 23, 2013, Volectro appeared with the rest of Series 1 in a retailer's catalog.[9]

Volectro reappeared with the rest of Series 1 through 3 at Toy Fairs in late January and early February 2014.[10][11]


Volectro debuted in the TV series on February 12, 2014 in Cookironi, while his LEGO set officially became available on March 1 with the rest of Series 1.

Volectro also appears in the mobile app game Calling All Mixels, released on March 4, 2014 for iOS and April 2, 2014 for Android. He then went on to appear in Mixels Rush, released on May 21, 2015.



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