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Gobba and Kraw
Vaudeville Fun
Vaudeville Fun shot

To Mix, or not to Mix? That is the question.
Season 1
Episode Number 17
Production Code 501-296-04B[1]
Original Airdate June 12, 2014
Characters Kraw
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Fang Gang Log Toss

Vaudeville Fun is the seventeenth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on June 12, 2014.


A Frosticon and Balk mix and perform a series of vignettes, hoping to pass the big audition! [sic][1]

Episode Summary


Kraw and Gobba Mix and perform a series of vignettes, hoping to pass a big audition. In the end they receive three "no's" from the judges, saddening Gobba and Kraw.


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Major Characters

Minor Characters



  • Gobba SandboxCubit017 Kraw Mix #1 - Juggler
  • Kraw SandboxCubit017 Gobba Mix #1 - Mime, dancing
  • Gobba SandboxCubit017 Kraw Mix #2 - Street performer
  • Kraw SandboxCubit017 Gobba Mix #2 - Swinging
  • Gobba SandboxCubit017 Kraw Mix #3 - Shakespeare
  • Gobba SandboxCubit017 Kraw Mix #3 - Hawaiian dancer
  • Kraw SandboxCubit017 Gobba Mix #4 - Comedian


  • This is the short that contains the most Mixes.
    • The list of Mixes are as follows, in order of how they appear: mime, juggling, street performer, dancing (a repeat of the mime Mix), swinging, Hamlet, Hawaiian dancing, and stand-up comedy.
  • As the two Mixels go through their Mixes, the Fang Gang/Flexer cubits disappear from the table, implying that they used them and proving that there can only be one mix per cubit.
  • This episode implies the concept of family relationships (in this case, siblings and in-laws).
  • This episode also further implies that Mixels are somewhat organic creatures, as one of the Mixes holds a skull in the episode.
  • This episode aired during Cartoon Network's Ninjago Day marathon on November 22, 2014.


This episode aired on June 12, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Mr. Butt" and received a total of 1.763 million viewers.



  • On the iTunes and Google Play descriptions for this episode, Gobba and Kraw are referred to as "a Frosticon" and Balk, respectively.
  • After the first mix, they say "Max" instead of "Mix", thanks to using a recycled voice clip.
  • The break-dancing mix appears to have three fingers on his hand in one shot, rather than two.
  • Volectro and Vulk did not move while voting.
  • Throughout the episode, Kraw and Gobba are standing on a yellow circle. However, when it cuts to the judges, the circle gains a darker yellow border that was not visible throughout the episode, and disappears again when it cuts back to Kraw and Gobba at the end.
  • Gobba and Kraw make one last Mix at the end, even though there are no Cubits left.


​Memorable Quotes

To mix or not to mix?
— Kraw & Gobba Mix 3
Boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon chika-boon!
— Gobba & Kraw Mix 3
That's no Nixel, that's my brother-in-law!
— Kraw & Gobba Mix 4



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