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Nindjas Max: Ninja lizard
Nindjas Max: Ninja lizard
Newzers Max: Mega Myke
Newzers Max: Mega Myke (A lot of the later Maxes look like larger Mixels)

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My opinions:

Infernites Max 2014: Fire dinosaur (Flain seems to be dominant)

Cragsters Max: Golem (Hard to tell the dominant until it talks)

Electroids Max: Lion-snake? Seriously, I don't know what this thing is. (Teslo is dominant, but this thing reminds me WAY more of Volectro)

Frosticons Max 2014: Mega Slumbo (It looks like Slumbo, but chances are it's going to sound like Flurr)

Fang Gang Max: A bear, a beaver, and a dog in one (They all seem to have their own part: Chomly is the legs, Gobba is the mouth, hands, and body, and Jawg fills in the blanks)

Flexers Max: Lobster (Same as Fang Gang Max)

Glorp Corp Max 2014: Giant, slimy dog (Glurt doesn't get much in this Max)

Spikels Max: Same as what Dadaw said, but with Scorpi's eyes (Another all-involved Max)

Wiztastics Max: Magical spider-beetle! (You can't even tell Magnifo's involved in the cartoon version)

Orbitons Max: Doesn't look like a T-rex to me. (Another all-involved Max. This is getting repetitive)

Infernites Max 2015: I have no idea (Burnard's in control here, and it shows)

Glowkies Max: Mega Globert (If you didn't really bother looking, you'd think Globert was the leader)

Klinkers Max: Cyclops robot (Not much else to say)

Frosticons Max 2015: Not sure, maybe a yeti (again, not much else to say)

Lixers Max: Giant dog thing

Weldos Max: Wrecking ball thing (why is it eating its eye)

Glorp Corp Max 2015: Uhh

Munchos Max: UHHHHHHHH

MCPD Max: Kuffs/Busto Mix with wheels stuck to it

Medivals Max: Mega Paladum

Mixies Max: Mega Trumpsy

MCFD Max: Living fire truck

Pyrratz Max: Living pirate ship

Medix Max: Mega Surgeo

Trashos Max: Mega Sweepz

Nindjas Max: Ninja lizard

Newzers Max: Mega Myke (A lot of the later Maxes look like larger Mixels)

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