Alright, so I discovered this franchise on the Internet instead of Cartoon Network (because I don't have Cartoon Network) One day, I was searching around some Nintendo stuff on Google images and suddenly I came across a random Deviantart drawing of Vulk with an OC. I was a bit interested so I clicked on it. Later, I found more of these Mixels drawings and I was curious about what they actually are so I keep on searching until I found out they're Mixels. After that, I immediately went to Youtube and searched Mixels to see what it's all about. I remembered when I was first watching the episode "Murp Romp", I was like "OK that was weird" and stuff, thinking that I probably will not watch this show ever again, but for some reason I became a little bit addicted to it that I had the urge to watch all the shorts/specials in one sitting. Since then, I became more and more passionate about this series -- by joining Deviantart, Mixels Wikia etc. I had a tons of fun there, but then real life happened, where I have to drive myself away from Mixels. That's why I started to lose interest on Mixels after EKHID aired. But still, this fandom has given me the chance to make more new friends, so thank you Mixels fandom!

P.S : This is one of the very few fandoms that I dug very deep in.

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