oh boy time to copy-paste the crud out of my old journal and add some sheez.

This is how I discover Mixels, their FanClub, and the Wiki.

At the time on early 2014 (Febuary or March? I don't remember) I sort of reading an article in my local magazine about Mixels and I was sort of "Hey, these creatures are really great!", and yes, I'm instantly attached to Mixels at that time. At one day, I went to my local mall and saw toys of these. Then, I started buying all of these along with my little bro (at that time, I had Krader, Shuff, Teslo and Volectro while he had all of the 2014 Infernites, Seismo and Zaptor. However, after a while, he gave up on Mixels and gave all of his sets to me). I also watched the shorts at and looked up the gallery on the same site. Around October 2014, I discovered Mixels Wiki. I stayed around there as a silent reader, however. At late November, I saw that all of the S2 and S3 Mixels were on the toy store in my local mall so I bought 'em up slowly starting from Footi, Lunk, and Gobba and finished with Glurt, Balk, and Wizwuz. At early 2015, I found TMxlsFC (TheMixelsFanClub) on dA but however, I stayed there as a silent reader, again. Starting from mid April, S4 had arrived in my country and I've started collecting them starting from Flamzer and Niksput and finished at Boogly, Rokit, and Burnard at May. And also, at that time, I became a deviant here. June 25, I became a member of Mixels Wiki known as The-Adventure-Krog (now DeKrogMination), a something that I've always dreamed for since I discovered the Wiki.

Near the end of 2015, I became a (slightly) big name on the fandom. That was the 'golden era' for my life. I've met a lot of friends, made a lot of fanwork and such, working on the wiki and get promoted into a chat moderator, and unfortunately, experience all the drama out there. But that's okay. I kept thinking positive and bring what's best from myself.

And now, this franchise, the franchise that brought my internet life, is ending. I never thought it would end like this, and I never thought a franchise that brought me back about how amazing LEGO is is ending thanks to low sales and everything, but it's okay. I slowly wearing out from the fandom (now I'm into The Amazing World of Gumball and Undertale lately), but I'm still consider myself as a part of this fandom. I know, I'll miss the great times from this fandom. Making Mixel stuff on LDD, talking about Mixel fanarts, bashing bad Mixel OCs- forget that last one. Aaaanyways, you get my point.

Thank you, Mixels, for making me who I am.

See ye' soon. :)

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