Here's the tale of me and Mixels. ^_^

Even though it's been almost 3 long years, it felt like just yesterday, it was 2014 and I was flipping through channels when a short cartoon called "Mixels" caught my eye. I thought it was the cutest thing --- the characters and the concept got me hooked from the beginning. I will never forget the time I took a vacation to New York City in early June 2014 and bought my LEGO Scorpi and Flurr, who still hold a special place in my house alongside all my other assembled LEGO Mixels...and a special place in my heart too.

Then, in September 2014, I decided to stop by this wiki. It was a little wiki then, with not too many users or pages. Now, look at it and how much it's grown. With so many users and pages documenting every little detail in the series, I'm glad I've stuck with this wiki since towards the beginning. I've been through it all - from the TOILETS spam to the bikini and angry face raids on the Live! Chat to the mystery of Galadhanu, every wonderful memory and friend I've made on this wiki will live on forever.

And, as the series finale airs and Series 9 is released to stores, I want to's been a wonderful journey watching the Mixels franchise progress, and while the Hype Train has reached its final stop, there's still the Nostalgia Train to board and ride way into the future. I'll be like, "Aw, man, wasn't Mixels the best?", and years into the future, I'll see Mixels-related things again and say, "Mixels? That's my teenage years right there!" ^_^

While Mixels might be ending, the friendships and memories I've made won't end. After all, this wiki will still be around as a hangout for me and all my buddies, and, of course, I'll still be a fan even though the series ended.

I just want to say, I love every Mixel and every user on this wiki, and I will love them long into the future! I will really miss the Mixels, and even though I'm crying as I type this, I'm glad I joined this Wiki and became a fan of Mixels. I can't believe I've been a Mixels fan since the time when there were only 3 series.

All good things must come to an end, right? Now gimme some space so I can go bawl my eyes out. ;-;

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