Hello Mixels Wiki and Mixel fans everywhere! This is ZootyCutie, and I’m here with one thing to say:

Happy Birthday to Mixels! Can't forget the cake.


Can you guys believe it? Mixels has officially been available to the public for an entire year! With Coconapple kicking off the cartoon when aired with "Teen Titans Go!", a fandom was born with it. And this wiki is here to celebrate that! From the small shorts to the season one finale with Mixed Up Special, we’ve managed to go through plenty of episodes in only this first season.

We’ve been introduced to the first nine tribes with 2014, with the scarce end of it introducing us to the first 2015 tribes, who are now available. And, with the New York Toy Fair being just two days away, we’ll be getting even more information for the remainder of this year! Get ready to get hyped up for the remainder of the year!

Even though this wiki was founded in 2013, it took 2014 for it to really get it pumping! We’ve changed so much. Members have been promoted, members have retired, and we’ve modified so much. We’ve grown thanks to removing comments and anonymous members. Just recently, we’ve managed to make a partnership with the external Brickipedia and have a snazzy layout to make us look even more professional!

Even though the shorts are, well, short, we’ve managed to push over 500 pages, and we’re inching closer and closer to 600! Who knows what the Moon Madness Special and the future of the series will bring to the wiki? Considering we only have minimal info for the special, and for the upcoming Mixels Rush game, we could be looking at big information changes coming soon!

Even with this short series, we’ve managed to grow into a devoted fanbase. Here’s hoping the release of new media will draw even more users in, and help make the second anniversary just as big!

This is ZootyCutie, signing off and wishing you once again, a happy Mixels anniversary!

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