Before Every Knight Has Its Day aired, I asked CN why it had been treating Mixels so poorly, as if it didn't exist.

Well, they had responded to me back on March 3rd, but I just hadn't noticed until last night, when I was checking my Junk email inbox. It's strange how the reply from CN ended up there.

The reply was by a Cartoon Network representative, who said that even SHE had forgot about Mixels until I sent her the email. Fortunately, she was able to tell me information I'm passing on to all of you about what's to come regarding the Mixels TV show.

So, the reason why CN had been neglecting Mixels so much is because they had already signed a deal with Netflix, who had acquired the Mixels franchise from LEGO and planned to retool it into a Netflix Original series ever since August 2015, before Mixamajig had even aired. In short, CN wanted to make Mixels not very advertised so that it would seem like more of a big deal when it were to finally be added to Netflix.

Attached to the email was a press release from Netflix, dated to March 1st, 2016. The press release contained some of the following information:

  • The Mixels Show, coming to Netflix in July 2016, will be a CGI-animated show focusing on all the Mixels from series 1-9...and the background characters, who have now become main characters! The Mixels you know and love from series 1-9 are all now background characters, except for Scorpi, Flain, Chomly, Lunk, Vampos, Forx, Balk and Spugg. Confusing, huh?
  • Of course, due to being a Netflix original, its slogan will be "Mixels and Chill", complete with the Frosticons uttering this phrase at least once an episode.
  • Because children need positive role models, there won't be any Nixels or antagonists - everyone will be friends with everyone and the biggest problems will be that they get competitive during a sport. Every Mixel will be depicted as perfect, and not meaning to cause any harm. Kids will surely learn from them!
  • Did I say all the Mixels from series 1-9? Whoops, I forgot to mention that Trumpsy and Tapsy will not appear at all.
  • The series will be animated with the same technologically-advanced software that EduKayFUN used to make their award-winning "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa" video.

So, don't worry about Cartoon Network or Boomerang putting Mixels on hiatus anymore...whenever you have a hankering for Mixels, beginning in July, just check Netflix and enjoy this new show with your favorite Mixel characters!

Is anyone else as excited for this as I am?!?!

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