EDIT: The boombox appears in a tattoo collection, and "Krader's Diary" is actually in Hot Lava Shower.

Here are the things the sticker books teach us. This is my first time making a post like this, so it may look messy.


First: Bubble Gum. One of the stickers show Flurr making a bubble out of bubble gum. Also on the picture. you can see a yellow line. No idea what's up with that. It's cut off, but its solid yellow all the way so it's not a big deal.

Next, there's an red coconapple. While we did see red ones in Calling All Mixels, they were on fire. These ones are not.
Speaking of coconapples. here's a yellow one. As far as i know, these are brand new.
It's safe to assume there are colored Coconapples as they also have these colors in real life. Then there's a diary. I don't know what this diary is, maybe you guys know. I don't know if it even IS a diary. Is it a regular book? I dunno. Someone on the wiki joked it was Krader's Diary, so there's that.
The next thing found STILL ON THE FIRST PAGE is this boombox. While Flain and Slumbo were seen lis
tening to music on a boom box in Fang Gang Log Toss, this one is yellow instead of gray. Moving onto the third page (nothing of interest on the second one), we see a little butterfly. While Shuff did order a ceramic bear butterfly figure, we did not see butterflies alone in the Mixels series.
Next thing of interest is this cupcake. While they were seen on the Mixel Moon, these are regular

With nothing of interest on the fourth page, we're officially done. Time to move onto the mixes.


Starting with an oldie, but goodie: Kraw and Slumbo mix 2. Pretty well known, but i found it interesting enough for a mention. Seems that Kraw is the main Mixel.

Another well known mix is the third mix of Flain and Krader. Also pretty well known, but as the last time, interesting enough for a mention. Seems that Krader is the main Mixel.

This next mix however, is not that well known. A second Seismo and Zaptor mix! Seems that Seismo is the main Mixel this time around.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post!
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