Mixels Wiki
Mixels Wiki
  1. Wuzzo
  2. Screeno
  3. Footi
  4. Volectro, Kraw, Scorpi, Wizwuz, Jamzy, Aquad, and Hydro (wow a lot, I cannot decide who the best of these is)
  5. Vulk, Tentro, Hoogi, Vakawaka, Busto (JUST DECIDE ALREADY TRIGGER)
  6. Chomly, Balk, Kramm, Berp, Skrubz (Well, expect more entries with a ton of Mixels at once)
  7. Splasho and Tuth
  8. Krader, Rokit, Meltus, Gurgle, Skulzy, Compax (:P)
  9. Chillbo and Forx
  10. Glomp, Mesmo, Camillot, Paladum, Cobrax, Mysto (STAHP ALREADY TRIGGER)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kuffs, Mixadel, Surgeo, Myke
  • Glurt, Niksput, Gox, Tiketz, Lewt, Gobbol, Camsta (when there is already ten honorable mentions)
  • Zaptor, Slumbo, Jawg, Magnifo, Sweepz (much Trigger much original)