I found the all-new script for the next Mixels episode, "Nixel, Nixel, Go Away". It briefly had an IMDb page of itself, as well. However, I was extremely disappointed with the script of the episode, and I am actually being as generous as I can. Anyhow, here is the plot:

It is a totally legit (sarcasm intended) episode to prove you really can make an abysmal TV series episode and people will still watch it. 

The movie revolves around this dork named "Screeno" with with the most creative name in the world in the land of "Mixopolis", shoplifting a Nindjas manga comic from Mix-Mart, with two other stupid losers, Myke and Camsta, trying to take it back and arrest him to the MCPD while he tries taking it back to clear his good name. Then it leads to some old fart named Bad Commander in Generic Evil Castle, trying to throw the balance of the world out of whack and tries destroying the Screeno Wiz Kid and his cringeworthy brigade of Background Mixels. It's up to Aquad  and the Dumb Idiot Squad to save the world from- And boring and cliched already. The whole episode is basically just a gigantic short of likes the ones from Season 1, only streched so long that even Hydro's ladder neck would snap, which proves further on how unoriginal and unnecessary this "thing" is. It's got sing-alongs, it's got rip-offs, it's got Google images, it's got voice acting suffering from ebola, it's got totally unoriginal "Mixes", which are really just the dominant Mixel with the one of the other Mixels' limbs, it's got Background Mixels and half of the ones only appear in the intro sequence, who could ask for more? Oh, and Bad Commander gets sucked into a bitesized steel ball like a Pokemon in the final fight.

I am pretty sure that some Mixels fans will love it and other will hate it, but it is impossible for a living soul to say it is the best episode of Mixels. If anybody does love it or say it is the best, then they are incorrect. So guys, that is the plot I discovered for "Nixel, Nixel, Go Away!". Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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