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TheInanMan TheInanMan 27 May 2016

Ermagerd yee

Im gettin skrubz and tuth on thursday so yee

There isnt much moar to say.

Dis be busdo sinin of

UPDATE: just got em. can't put pics because i am on a computer. but they are awesome.

UPDATE PART 2: Just got the rest of the series. YAAAAAA

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TheInanMan TheInanMan 20 May 2016

I just realized...

I just realized that the first two mixels I got in lego were the main characters in the first episode of mixels! Coincedence? I think not!

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TheInanMan TheInanMan 18 May 2016

Derp mixels

Ever thought mixels looked derpy in one shot in the show? this is the time to share those shots. include these:

Which mixel looks derpy in your pic

a link to the picture

Also, if you put a picture not from the mixels show, I will do nothing lol

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