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  • I live in North Dakota
  • I was born on January 9
  • My occupation is Existing
  • I am Male
  • Sonicmasher

    I wanted to tell everybody that it's been an amazing ride. I still remember when my friend introduced me to the world of Mixels, the day I joined the wiki and made my Mixels movie, the day I got blocked, the day I got unblocked, and all of those nights waiting for the specials to air. I've made so many friends on this wiki, Green Ninja, ZootyCutie, CMR, Dadaw, and so many more! While I still like Mixels, I have more interest in other franchises like Yo-Kai Watch. I'll still never forget all of the fun times I had with all of you guys, and Mixels as a whole. I'm not leaving the wiki, I'll just be less active, as I'm more interested in other things. I'll still occasionally make blogs and pop up on the chat. Mixels, you came in strong, and we…

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  • Sonicmasher

    If you remember the end of NNGA, King Nixel gets electrocuted to ashes, but what happened to Major Nixel? Here's my little story about how Major Nixel escaped when color was brought back to Mixopolis and brought back nixing.

    (Major is flying his ship away from Mixopolis, having just escaped the color)

    MN: Good thing we escaped the city! I should probably check on the king!

    (As Major checks out the tower cameras, he finds the king as a pile of dust)

    MN: Oh no! This is terrible...... but I knew it would come.

    (Major goes to a hidden compartment containing a crown just like the deceased king's)

    MN: Nixels, amalgamate!

    (The Nixels on the ship run towards the major as they form another king.)

    MN: I did it! The king is back! But there's still one proble…

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  • Sonicmasher

    The title says it all. I think CN just hates Mixels. There haven't been any official DVD or Blu-Ray releases, the commercials air more than the actual episodes, and to top it all off, EKHID is just one day away and there STILL ISN'T AN AD OR PREVIEW! I'm starting to think they just want to get rid of Mixels and replace with all this "Toddler Titans NO" and "Uncle P#######e" bullcrap. This is why I don't really care about CN anymore. They just want Mixels to go to hell. I know about the petition, but CN just doesn't give two f##ks about Mixels. I'm just starting to hate CN for the way they treat Mixels. And that, combined with all of this drama in the fandom, is making me have second thoughts about ever joining the fandom. I swear, I just w…

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  • Sonicmasher

    Big news for my project.

    December 29, 2015 by Sonicmasher

    The Game Maker: Studio version of Mixels and Sonic: When Worlds Collide has been canceled in favor of a version made with the Sonic Worlds engine for relative ease. However this will affect gameplay as it is more of a "Genesis/Classic" style engine rather than the "2D Modern" style engine I was aiming for. I will modify it for this sometime though. I will also modify it to add more characters, new items, super attacks, cutscenes, different sprites, and maybe even cheat codes for new characters and stuff! This also means that controller support is scrapped.



    The first demo should be finished by February / March as I'm currently coding mods to the engine and planning the demo and test levels.

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  • Sonicmasher

    My usernames everywhere.

    December 24, 2015 by Sonicmasher

    sonicmasher - Here, Steam, PSN (PSP), Xbox Live, and Roblox - INACTIVE to ACTIVE

    SonicThrasher194 - PSN (PS3) - ACTIVE

    Sonic - Nintendo Network (Wii U) - ACTIVE

    SonicDude2 - Nintendo Network (3DS) - Forgot the code! I'l post it when I can. - ACTIVE

    SonicTony - Minecraft (PC)  - INACTIVE (The computer I had it on broke. Will be active when it gets fixed. I can still play the PS3 version online.)

    Xbox Live Gold - Currently not activated

    PS+ - Currently not activated

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