Snackki Snackki 28 September 2019

Polish Mixels Archive

I'm working on archiving all Mixels episodes in the Polish language. Currently i'm only missing Every Knight Has its Day and Nixel Nixel Go Away. If anyone can help, let me know!

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Snackki Snackki 20 August 2019

Things the sticker books teach us

EDIT: The boombox appears in a tattoo collection, and "Krader's Diary" is actually in Hot Lava Shower.

Here are the things the sticker books teach us. This is my first time making a post like this, so it may look messy.

First: Bubble Gum. One of the stickers show Flurr making a bubble out of bubble gum. Also on the picture. you can see a yellow line. No idea what's up with that. It's cut off, but its solid yellow all the way so it's not a big deal.

Next, there's an red coconapple. While we did see red ones in Calling All Mixels, they were on fire. These ones are not.

Speaking of coconapples. here's a yellow one. As far as i know, these are brand new.

It's safe to assume there are colored Coconapples as they also have these colors in real life.


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