hello there! today I'm doing a questions and answers blog. ask me question of these OC tribes

tell me which tribe you want to ask about.

The Unknown tribe:

full Unknown tribe left to right Blaster,Rex,and Rammer

The Nice-Nixels tribe:

full Nice-Nixels Tribe left to right Slimey,Spike, and Nixel-face


Unknown tribe

Blaster:leader of the Unknown tribe

Rex:second of the unknown tribe

Rammer (nickname: Bull): The reaming member of the Unknown tribe

Nice-Nixels tribe

Slimey: leader of the Nice-Nixels tribe

Spike: second of the Nice-Nixels tribe

Nixel-face: The reaming member of the Nice-Nixels tribe


the Pigtastics are green pigs which do their own things.

I haven't came up with their designs but the leader would look like a normal pig, green, and has a shuff crystal on it's head.

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