• MixelSark

    Happy Birthday to...

    June 15, 2016 by MixelSark

    ... meeeeee  

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  • MixelSark

    After Sharkshawa made by MattDett won the first WiTCO which was for both dA and MW, I decided that I need to make a re-match. But this time, it is an edition dedicated to you, Mixel Wikians! 

    As long as you have an account here you can join (even if you are on deviant art). 

    Sign ups begin from 9-12-15 to 14-12-15. There are 24 slots in total ( 1 reserved for me). If there will be less than 24 people, I will let the people from dA to participate. 

    In order to get into WiTCO 2 you need to:

    • Have an account here
    • Link your OC and his/her picture and name. 
    • Check if there is an avaible slot. 

    I won't accept no pics for OC or names, and no slot widering (unless there will be + 5 extra people that want to participate) 

    There won't be any pics of the thin…

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  • MixelSark

    Hello guys and girls, today is a big today for me - I GOT 1000 EDITS! That is a really big thing for me. I joined in February 18, and started editing and making new OC's. 

    In this time I met so many friendly users and got many friends. I also had a great time sharing my creativity with you people and doing request for others. I will stay on this wiki to the end of the Mixels! 

    Some quick notes:

    I will be going on a vaction between 18th July and 1st August so I'll be inactive, unless I will have Wi-Fi in my hotel.i

    I'm planning to made custom Frosticons, Klinkers and Lixers using parts from S5! (the seperate blog will come on them too) 

    So this is all for now. I hope I could go for 2k edits or even 3k! MS, out.

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  • MixelSark

    BIRTHDAY !!!

    June 15, 2015 by MixelSark

    I have birthday today, and I'm turning 14! I didn't got much presents - drawing and some money, but still, I'm very happy!


    HAPPY BIRTHADY TO MS! (ultimate Elevator refrence)

    Happy birthday to ... MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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  • MixelSark

    Hello everyone! Today my pool about requests hit 10 votes - which means now I'm making requests! 

    But dont except much epicness, I'm not very experienced user and I am pretty new on the wiki. Some requests I might do fast or slow. Please, don't use me for making too much characters, I'm only a human and I have life, so please, don't ask so often. 

    All requests write here, on this blog and I will answer them! Sometimes, requests may be closed (if I get sick, if I don't have internet, if I went to vacation etc.) but they should be ussualy open. 

    Feel free to send your requests!

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