Uhh... Hello

Remember me? I used to be a Mixels Fan until I lost Intrest.

So recently, the wiki has been a western ghost town since January. But I came Back to check on this place and make shure everybody's fine; because I've been focused on other stuff, especially my memes.

This is one of the Memes I made.

My computer got broken one time and my dad needs some parts to activate the tower. So I am using a laptop connected to my monitor. And I have been playing Roblox since there's no game in the Microsoft store that I'm intrested in.

So if you excuse me: Let me crack open my tin can of Lemon Lime Soda, make a wish list for Christmas, and sketch some random stuff. I hope you have a nice day, because I don't even know what most of the people are up to here.

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