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  • MixedSerpent


    October 23, 2014 by MixedSerpent

    This is just to state that I'm sorry for all of the inactivity recently, as all of my classes have been overwhelming me with homework and all of that stuff. But you can expect me to become more active from this point on. Nothing else to state here, really. The rest of this is just to make this blog post seem more legit by adding much more words and sentences. I am probably wasting my own time by typing this, and wasting your time as well. Either way, it's being typed anyway and this blog post has already been posted. I am more than positive that I can stop right about now, however I won't stop just yet. Now I will.

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  • MixedSerpent

    Got Robbed...

    September 25, 2014 by MixedSerpent

    To all of my friends and fellow contributors, I am going through a tough time in my life. And as the name of this Blog Post suggest, I have been robbed. I am currently borrowing this computer from someone else, and I have yet to discover if my computer still stands where it used to. This is for all of those who care, for all of those who don't care, and others. I only ask that you assist me through moral support, and that things will be sorted out quickly.

    UPDATE: I am now using MY computer as it has not been stolen (My room was barely touched, actually), and here's a quick review on what's been going on: The only things that have been stolen was my Xbox 360, two televisions out of three, a Wii that I don't really use, so that's doing me a …

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  • MixedSerpent

    The Fang Gang's Leader?

    September 3, 2014 by MixedSerpent

    Sooo... Ever since the Mixed Up Special there has been some confusion about who is the Fang Gang leader. So this is where we TRY to clear this up. LEGO says that Jawg is the leader, while Cartoon Network says that Gobba is the leader. LEGO sells the merchandise for Mixels and not much else, while Cartoon Network airs the show. So who's word should we take? Let me know in the Comments, and in this poll!

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  • MixedSerpent

    Ok, so we all should know about this Mixels Series 4 stuff regarding Burnard, Nurp-Naut, and Globert, but I would like to know what you think!

    What are your thoughts on Series 4 so far? ERMAHGERD DER SER CERL They look amazing! They seem ok. They look stupid. I don't really care much about them.

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  • MixedSerpent

    Flain, or Kraw?

    May 31, 2014 by MixedSerpent

    Ok, so A LOT of people have been in the dispute of who is better: Flain, or Kraw?

    They are both unique in design AND personality, and each has quite the bit of fans. but who is REALLY the better Mixel? The chillaxed Flain, or the bouncy Kraw? How 'bout we settle this dispute in a poll, eh?My personal choice: Flain.

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