Hello all! This is a blog for my OC tribes. This will be updated as I finish making updates to them. As of now, I only have one OC tribe, the Tail Troop. This tribe of zany Mixels uses their tails as both tools and weapons, and they live in the mountains. Here are the members:

Tailsen is the leader of the Tail Troop. Tailsen may look mean, with his scowl-like facial expression, but he really is very friendly and caring torawds others, especially to his two brothers. The reason for his scowl is actually beacuse he often has a hard time sleeping at night, and this is usually because of his brothers being loud, particualrly Rotail (see below). Tailsen uses his long, whip-like tail as a weapon to defeat Nixels. Tailsen can also be slightly short-tempered.

Pinchi is very timid and hates loud noises, though he is very fast and uses his wrench-like tail as a tool to fix things. Pinchi enjoys fixing things and is usually very quiet, however he can be quite chatty once he gets to know you!


Rotail is by far the most eccentric member of the Tail Troop, having six arms, three tails, and a rotating body. Rotail is very friendly and loves to play, but the constant spinning of his body can leave him very dizzy. Rotail talks very quickly and loudly, and sometimes will continue talking even after the conversation has ended!

Tail Troop Max!

Tail Troop Max

Tail Troop Max

Another tribe is on the way.

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