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  • I live in The Ocean
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is MLG Swagmaster
  • I am A Feesh
  • Meester Feesh

    Lewt is basically just a treasure chest with arms, legs, and eyestalks. But what if the chest isn't actually part of his body and he just happens to be holding it? The camera has Lewt's legs, eyes, arms, and the rest of his body other than the chest. It could be that his "mouth" is just an interchangable peice that he replaced with the camera.

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  • Meester Feesh

    To anyone who remotely cares about my existance, I will be posting a very important announcement on my Youtube channel sometime in the next couple days, if not today. (I will add the link when I post the video.)

    Update: My editing software is acting weird so it will probably be a while until I actually post the video.

    Update: The video was supposed to be about me deciding to quit the Mixels community, but at this point, I do so little anyway that making the video seems pointless. Half of it was me complaining that EKHID was pointless and contradicting a previous video that I deleted anyway.

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  • Meester Feesh

    The Mixel Book

    July 23, 2016 by Meester Feesh

    I'm probably not going to draw this (I may, but probably not); I just want your opinion on who should be whom.  If you haven't seen the new Jungle Book movie, I recommend you see it. It's a great movie. You can suggest characters from the old movie, the book, or minor characters I didn't list on here as well.




    Shere Khan-

    Akeela (I think that's how you spell it)-


    The elephants-

    King Louie-

    The buffalo-


    The humans-

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  • Meester Feesh

    After reading Tiketz's joke episode thing, I was so frickin' INSPIRED that I wrote an amazing 1- hour Mixels finale that includes every character from series 7 to 9. Coming November 4, the last day that we can all laugh before we start crying. Guest starring Donald Trump as himself.

    Act 1: The special starts 10 years ago with the Medivals and Mixies in high school. Trumpsy is being kicked out of the Mixies' band because he accused Magnifo of having drugs under his cape (which actually was a collection of assorted cheeses.) Meanwhile, Camillot is trying to impress his girlfriend Jamzy, Mixadel ain't havin' none of that s**t and Paladum is devastated over the loss of her one true love. The MCPD are also trying to stop the Mixies from playing,…

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  • Meester Feesh

    My LEGO Mixes

    May 24, 2016 by Meester Feesh

    I made them and they are fabeless. There really isn't much more to say.

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