• MattDet

    More Lost Episodes?

    April 17, 2019 by MattDet

    Some of you may be familiar with my previous blog post on this exact subject. Well, after examining the production codes for Mixel Moon Madness, there could be more lost episodes (or rather Mixel Moon Madness deleted scenes) than I thought.

    These are the codes that have gone unused (all, of course, prefixed with "701-???"):

    • 402
    • 403
    • 404
    • 405
    • 406
    • 407
    • 408
    • 409
    • 410
    • 416
    • 418
    • 419
    • 420
    • 424
    • 426
    • 427
    • 428
    • 429

    And links to Lost Media Wiki article and forum thread (just because):


    As before, this could potentially crack open some major developments as to how many episodes of t…

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  • MattDet

    (recreating because the previous version had a "/" that messed up page loading from some links)

    So for the past bit, I've been wanting to create a new Mixels fan game that's similar (somehow) to Calling All Mixels and Mixels Rush. I never got around to playing either one of them (since I had no cell phone at the time), though I did assist in Calling All Mixels model ripping for the Models Resource website. I wanted to do this since both games were officially pulled from download on app stores and someone had to create fresh Mixels content despite all potential content nowadays now having to settle for fan-made.

    To explain what the games are, simply click on the live links to the wiki pages for the respective games. Calling All Mixels stopped…

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    Delete, for some reason the title of this page caused links to break.

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    Lost Episodes?

    March 8, 2019 by MattDet

    (aka my return to the Mixels Wiki)

    Hello everyone. Some of you might be surprised that I'm back to writing on this wiki. What have I been up to that lead to this?

    Some time back, I decided to research deep into production codes for the Mixels TV series and this led me to some interesting discoveries.

    As it turns out, quite a few production codes have gone unused while the show was in production. One notable example being 501-296-03D, which would place it, in production order, between Elevator and High Five.

    Using what I have researched so far, I have created a page on the Lost Media Wiki along with a thread on their forums, both of which will be where you'll find further information. Links:

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  • MattDet

    You may have noticed that I'm not active on the Mixels Wiki any more. Therefore, the time has come for me to no longer be a member of the wiki. Ever since the franchise came to a close, there really isn't any reason left to stay on this wiki any longer. I would like to end my time on the wiki by thanking everyone who has helped me get acquainted to this site over my nearly two-year existence on this site.

    One more time, I am announcing my departure from the wiki permanently. And I'm only leaving this site, nothing else.

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