As i wear my flower on my head as a gift from Zorch that was before the wedding. but who knows but as i made it to the wiztastics kingdom Magnifo, Wizwuz, Vulk and Mesmo looked at me when i was had a flower on my head Mesmo came down to me "Wow kelly your pretty." Mesmo said. "Thanks." i blushed as he looked at vulk. He bring me on stage and juggled we shared  but after we end the show i was about to leave "kelly i have something to say." Mesmo said "yeah but i got to go." i said then Mesmo yelles "I AM PREGNANT!" then covers his mouth as Magnifo, Wizwuz and vulk gasp and i stop and i turned around in shocked "umm dude your pregnant?" i said. "yes were going to have a baby!" Mesmo said.

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