Two daughters of Kelly, Mesmo and Torts named Mesmi and Mestorlynn had grown up and now heres a best story. The camera is shoooting on Mesmo (father), Mesmi (Teenager), Mestorlynn (Also a teen) Torts (who mixed with mesmo but became the father as well) and Me (Mother) "Mesmi and Mestorynn has grown up so fast it is time for them to leave the nest." Mesmo said as Mesmi and Mestorlynn waves at the camera. "they are going to Mixtropolis with the other friends now and continuing their aventures together. Do you like to say anything to us before you girls go?" I asked "Dad, Mom, Thank you for rasing us for being a better girls than before." Mesmi said. "I'll miss you guys even though we had to go." Mestorlynn said. "No problem." i replied. "Well were off bye!" Mesmi and Mestorlynn said together as they left. "They will meet new mixels there!" Mesmo said. "Yeah, But you'll miss to perfect girls dont ya?" Torts said as mesmo starts crying "Yes." Mesmo cried as i huged Mesmo as he still crying and pats him on the back. "There, there mesmo everything is ok." I said. 

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