it was a big morning and booger was on MixelTube till one day one person reach the number 1 on MixelTube heres a story:

Booger: *screaming cheerfully*

glomp enters and he looks at him

Glomp: Whats up booger?

Booger: Kelly has reach the number 1 on MixelTube!

Glomp:  WHAT!? *looks surprise as he looked at it*

  • as it was playing Kelly and Kwing was on the video!*

Kelly *on computer while Kwing was sitting next to the pokemon egg that kelly got*: Whats up pepole and welcome to my Tube! why you ask? tell that to Kwing.

  • kwing is really focus*

Kelly *looks at him*: YO KWING! We have some mixels that are watching us!

Kwing *looks surprise at looked at the camera*: Oh hello guys sorry about that *rubs his neck* he he i was to focus kelly!

  • booger and glomp started laughing a bit*

Glomp: Kelly's brother sure is a funny specialist.

Booger: Shush glomp keep watching this.

Kelly *now looking at the camera*: i am so sorry about that my brother is really focusing because i found the pokemon egg he is now helping me... now it just *sigh *a little too much.

Kwing *looks at kelly*: sheash kelly, your so mad today.

Kelly: i know is really acravating.

  • kwing notice the pokemon egg was hatching*

Glomp *looks surprise and looked at Booger*: Hey whats happing over there?

Booger *looks at glomp*: This is the part when kelly's pokemon egg hatching!

Glomp: oh my! this i dont want to miss it *sit next to booger*

Booger: Do you really had to be this close to me????

Glomp *hushes Booger*: i want to see this.

Glurt and torts and the glorp corp family enter and watches MixelTube

Booger: now this is getting out of hand.

Dribbal: Who Cares?

Slusho: yeah i want to see baby pokemon being born too!

Booger *facepalm*: Oh brother!

Kwing: Umm Kelly your egg is hatching!

Kelly *looks at kwing*: What?

Glomp: oh this is very cool.

Dribal: i know.

Slusho: oh here it comes!

Booger: Come on guys i want to see.

  • Glurt puts ducktape on booger*
  • as it hatched baby female noibat was out and the glorp corp well except Booger cause he got ducktaped Awed*

Kelly *still on camera*: Hi there Nelly im Kelly.

Kwing: And i Kwing and i got to say your super cute for just a little female!

Nelly the noibat: Noi! *smiles and lookes at kelly*

Kelly: Thats all i got this is MatserMixel915 sining off!

  • the glorp corp cheering*

thats the end

Oh if you wondering what happen next Glurt rips the tucktape on boogers mouth and scream in pain!

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