Hi Guys Kelly again

i love calling all mixels its the special game in whole world i got all 5 stars on the infernite levels and i keep leveling up mixels and leveling up combo just like Mesmo and Wizwiz are infact the same level ups with kraw and fell when the life is out.

but on the wiztastics level wizwuz and mesmo are in a different level like 1 level ahead of wizwuz which that amazed Magnifo.

but at the frositicon level 12 levels ahead of Magnifo and Wizwuz! With flain i just help him with siesmo when his health is low "your welcome for saving you Flain!"  as Zorch was out cold i have to save Zorch before Vulk and Flain is out of life and lose but I beat the nixels and saves Zorches life and Health is back to normal i mean that was a close call but Flain level up when he was at level 12.

as all mixels are at 30 i was happy i beat all the nixels thanks to ME!!!

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