• I live in Madison AL,
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is i am a artist!
  • I am Female
  • MasterCheifKelly

    Kelly and the specialist evil heart charm that the nixel curse us the mixel fan put a stake on it and the curse was lifted and the specialist was back to normal to their good side. Now remeber mixel fans this is the part where you rescued us from the curse the mixels are back to normal as well oh i forgot to mention the memories that happen at that before blog was erased. now they dont remember anything that happen before after they are unconshous.

    Vulderin *gain her conshounes*: What happen?

    Zorderin *got up*: I dont remember anything that just happen before.

    Mesmo *moan*: Thank goodness its over. *looks at kelly she still unconshous* Kelly!

    • mesmo looks at kelly who was unconshous*

    Zorderin: [mixel fan] did you saved us?

    Mixel fan is for anybod…

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Flain: Hey kelly are you bissy?

    Kelly *looks at him*: Yeah why.

    Flain *gives a present to kelly*: Surprise Kelly happy 1st 3 bage completeance on your quess to get a new style! i got you a present!

    Kelly *Surprise*: For me?

    Flain: Well duh Kelly you said since you got 3 best badges for any mixel fan including you so here. *gave a present to kelly as she got it*

    [Kelly looks at the present that flain gave me then vulderin and zorderin was surpise as kelly got a present]

    Vulderin: Kelly you got a present! 

    Kelly looks up at the helpers

    Zorderin: well dont just stand there open the present kid!

    here a photo from a holiday on papa's cookieria that flain gave a present! 

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Kelly (vam. Queen): *sigh* man being a queen is supper hard and camilot was right its tough to be queen without no king *Saws mesmo* ah my first pray hell be my vampire king then one of these days get married get vamplings of my own cause im a girl vampire and girls vampires get pregnant easly!

    Mesmo: *looks up* Uh oh it looks im a first victom!

    Kelly: Come to me mesmo

    Mesmo: ooooh *felt mine controles and come towards kelly queen of the vampire*

    Kelly: you are my king

    Mesmo: *mine controlled* I will be your king....

    Kelly: youll obey what ever i say

    Mesmo: I do what ever you say...

    • kelly bites mesmo's neck and put his king crown on*

    Kelly: Arrise my king we are the bosses here.

    Mesmo (vampire king): Yes we will protect all the vampires that are her…

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Flain and the other mixels was walking around till

    Kelly, Vulderin and zorderin *singing as the musical charms glows gold*: Ah, ah-ah, ah-ahh, Ah, ah-ah, ah-ahh, Ah, ah-ah, ah-ahh, Ah, ah-ah, ah-ahh.

    Kelly: we want to tell what we are, because we are the shining stars. Do you want to know us.

    Vulderin and zorderin: Know us

    Kelly: We are not to blame.

    Kelly, Vulderin and zorderin: Who we are, who are we. We are the specialist trio because when we are one of the same thing. Whats so wrong because were a little different? can you tell that we are the top now.

    Kelly *walk towards flain and some mixels stroke flains and the others neck*: do you think that we are the nixels, but we tell you that your wrong.

    • flain fell after kelly stroke his neck*

    Kelly …

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    As teslo wouldnt stop thinking about the quarell on kelly as he thought to himself while krader is sleeping "I want to be friends with kelly again..." so teslo has to visit me with a cast on my leg here what happen next:

    Teslo: Kelly...

    Kelly: ...

    Teslo: I'mzzzz sorry for ssscaring you out of your chair while on your computer and ssssprang your leg...

    I want to be friends again!

    Kelly: ... *worried* me 2! 

    Teslo touches kellys hand

    Kelly: Oh teslo!

    Quarell is over and Teslo is now forgiven and now they are friends yet again!!

    Yay the friend break-up is through now they made up again this is 1st time! ever when he wants to be friends!

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