[The Mixels tune their TV sets to MixTV, because today was said to be eventful.]

Screeno: This is Screeno, your trusted AnchorMixel. Today, the Pyrratz are trying to steal gold from the MCPD.

[Camsta appears to show this event.]

Camsta: Ok, so the Pyrratz have successfully stole the gold... looks like Kuffs is chasing them.

Kuffs: Hey, that's my gold!

Camsta: Now it looks like the whole MCPD is chasing the poor Pyrratz... the MCPD has got their gold back.

Screeno: You saw it here first on MixTV, folks.

[Kraw is revealed to have been watching.]

Kraw: I love it when he says that!

Screeno: Now let's switch over to Myke, to interview the Pyrratz and the MCPD.

[Myke gets switched over to.]

Myke: So, Kuffs, how did it feel to retrieve your gold back?

Kuffs: It felt very satisfying. It's always good to know that a criminal has been dealt with.

Myke: Do you plan on arresting them?

Kuffs: No. They probably have their own side of the story, so I'm gonna wait to hear theirs- BUSTO WAS RUBBING OFF ON ME! OF COURSE!

Myke: Sharx, why did you steal the MCPD's gold?

Sharx: I thought that was our gold. I just wanted to get it back. I wish no harm to any other Mixel.

Screeno: Um... OK.

[The breaking news jingle plays.]

Screeno: A Nixel tower has been spotted in Mixopolis, on Gobba Avenue. Camsta will report.

Camsta: As we can see here, the Mixels are worried sick. A few courageous Mixels are protesting...

[Camsta gets a brave look on his face.]

Camsta: You know what? This can't stand. I will risk my life to save the Mixels.

Screeno: Wait, WHAT?

Camsta: I'm gonna damage that building.

Screeno: But the chances of you surviving are very low! Do you remember what happened to the Infernites in the last fanfic?

Camsta: Not all of it will be risky. First, I crash into the building, and then I will chop it apart.

Screeno: Myke, can you do something about this?

Myke: You might want to do this with a friend.

[Myke mixes with Camsta, creating the News Mix.]

News Mix: I'm ready. 3... 2... 1... WHEEEE!

[The News Mix crashes into the Nixel HQ.]

[A bunch of Nixels land on The News Mix and then punch it.]

News Mix: You have no power here!

[The News Mix blows them away using its blades.]

Nixel 1: Nix nix nix? [Where will we fall?]

Nixel 2: *sigh* Nix nix nix. [To our doom.]

[The Nixels fall into the ocean, and return to Nixel Land.]

[The News Mix safely lands, and then unmixes.]

Camsta: I didn't have to chop the building.

Screeno: That was the best thing you've ever done. Now, let's go over to Myke, who is interviewing Compax.

Myke: Compax, you were watching this in person with your own... one eye. There is so much debris and smoke right now. How will you clean this up?

Compax: We will have to Max to clean. After all, cubits can help solve every problem.

Screeno: Look forward to the debris being cleaned up at 4:00 pm, but for now, we will sign off. See ya!

[You see a white flash and the screen turns to black, hearing a *pew!*]

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