aka Malamar

  • I live in Never tell a secret
  • My occupation is I don't tell you everything. heheeh
  • I am A Dark and Phsycic type
  • Lavaguy64

    (Major Nixel) Alright nixels!

    (Nixels) Nix! Nix! Nix! (Third Nixel pushes the other Nixels)

    (Major Nixel) If we're gonna stop those mixels from mixing then we're gonna start by breaking there cubits! (Major Nixel points at a poorly drawn picture of a cubit Zaptor and Seismo

    (Major Nixel) Now you're gonna bring me an Infernite cubit! (Major Nixel throws the first Nixel across the room with anger)

    (Major Nixel) And you're gonna bring me an Electroid cubit (Major Nixel kicks the second NIxel)

    (Major Nixel) And you you're gonna bring me a Cragster cubit (Major Nixel gives the third Nixel a shovel) Now dig! (The Third Nixel salutes with a terrified expression.)

    (Major Nixel) (Major Nixel sees the First Nixel return with his head on fire!) Back so soo…

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