• Froster (TMM54) and cyan icile BG
  • Bee (T380) and orange BG
  • a poorly done Longspike (F9) and red smooth BG
                         How's it goin' Mixels fans

                   Do you have a favorite character a mixsona or an awesome OC or a  MAXINGLY AWESOME Max?

                            Well now's the time! the icon will have a background ( color of your choice) and your favorite mixel, mix or murp, mixsona, oc, max, and a fan-made max.


               - 1 request PER USER

              - it may take awhile if i'm busy

              - no, sexual, vulgar, or VERY complex mixels

                - this time i'm allowing animal-like mixes but no furry mixels

             - only 1 CHARACTER in your icon

           - it can only be YOUR OC OR MIXSONA, no stealing at all.

                            LaserWeldo92- signing out!
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