aka Whitey

  • I live in Mixopolis
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is Middle Child
  • I am Non-binary (gender preference male)
  • Kitten380

    Major Nixel: Mwahahaha! With this potion (Holds up purple potion) I plan to bring King Nixel back to life! Then, using my newest invention, I'll help him take over the world!

    (Major Nixel pours the potion on King Nixel's ashes, and he comes back to life)

    Major Nixel: Mwahhaha! Welcome back, King Nixel!

    King Nixel: Enough of that. Bring me my new suit.

    Major Nixel: Well, here it is!

    (A door opens and there is a HUGE robot suit)

    Major Nixel: I call it the King Nixel Ultimate 5000!

    King Nixel: Excellent, Major Nixel. I suppose you've finally done something useful?

    (Cut to Mixopolis. Flain, Seismo, and Volectro are taking a walk)

    Flain: Do you smell somthing?

    Seismo: Me smell Nix.

    Flain: Yeah, me too!

    Volectro: Hahahahahaha! Don't be zzzzilly! King Nixel …

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  • Kitten380

    Hi guys!

    Before we start I'd like to give credit to Youtuber Straight Up Awesome for the video "The Spirit Pt. 1".

    I thought it would make a good transcript.


    (Camillot and Mixadel are on the floor, snoring. Paladum flies past, upside down)

    Paladum: Cock-a-doodle-doo.

    Mixadel and Camillot: (Waking up and spinning around) AUGHHHHH!

    (They stop spinning and straighten up)

    Camillot: (Rubbing his head) Oh, Mixadel, what day is it today?

    Mixadel: (Waving his arms) All I know is that it's a school day, so get ready Camillot!

    (They rush out of the room)

    Mixadel: I call eating the Cheerios!

    Paladum: (Whinnys)

    (Cut to Mixopolis Middle School, where lots of students are gathered)

    Camillot: Hi, guys!

    Various Mixels: (All talking at once)

    Frostbite: (Trips) Ow, …

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