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    Merry Christmas!

    December 11, 2016 by Hyperealistic Gaben

    Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity. School has been keeping me busy. Although, i'm gonna try to be active from now on.

    Anyways, i'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas! Let me know what you want for Christmas in the comment section below (You obviously know that lol). So overall, merry Christmas and all of that.


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  • Hyperealistic Gaben

    I have a headcanon that the students of the Mixopolis Middle School have parents, and they're the Mixels from the current and previous series. This may be the reason to their similarities to the main Mixels. But nah, it's just my headcanon. So I made a list.

    • Ash's father: Burnard
    • Pyrope's father: Flamzer
    • Flare's father: Zorch
    • Cayno's father: Vulk
    • Unnamed Strong Infernite's father: Flain

    • Rocky's father: Shuff
    • Boldurr's father: Krader

    • Wott's father: Teslo
    • Hurtz's father: Zaptor

    • Frostbite's father: Lunk
    • Shivor's father: Snoof
    • Fridjerk's father: Krog

    • Slugber's father: Balk
    • Squiddo's father: Tentro

    • Slymee's father: Gurggle
    • Booger's father: Glomp
    • Globbie's father: Dribbal

    • Dawgi's father: Scorpi
    • Thornee's father: Hoogi
    • Brohawk and Punkchure's father: Footi

    • Astroy's f…

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  • Hyperealistic Gaben

    Hullo, i'm Hyperealistic Gaben as you could obviously tell, and I just came up with something that you'll probably be amused by. It's a 60-minute special that introduces series 8 and 9. I call it Legend of the Splitamageddon. I'm obviously gonna post it on the Creative Corner. I'll link it soon.

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  • Hyperealistic Gaben

    I recently got series 7 at TRU, and boy was I excited as heck. I got all nine Mixels of the new series, so that I could make more crack ship fanfictions and post them on the internet just to make wikians mad! 

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  • Hyperealistic Gaben

    Read the title

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