• GummoBuford


    August 22, 2016 by GummoBuford

    I might as well do one before da end of this wiki


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  • GummoBuford

    mm watcha say

    August 22, 2016 by GummoBuford


    Mixels 2013-2016

    So young

    Here is how it was cancelled:

    lego employee: guys i told you i dont like this mixel based off a head set *grabs Myke and crumbles it into 7182 pieces*

    mixel designer: lol too bad for you

    Lego employee: im pulling the plug you skrubs

    then mixels was cancelled

    everyone blame Myke

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  • GummoBuford

    im leavin

    August 11, 2016 by GummoBuford

    bye guys!

    also i leave you this

    edit: ok im back after leaving the wiki

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  • GummoBuford

    one day rick and morty they were like doing random stuff

    Rick: hey burp morty lets go on a interdimensional adventure

    morty: oh oh yeah man lets lets go yeah

    then they go to the dish leaguage

    snoof: i love you morty

    morty: why is a blue talking snowmobile here

    i dont know man

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  • GummoBuford

    hey i found the leaked script of nixel nixel go away Lemme copy paste it for you

    the episode starts on a day of mixopolis and we see the series 8 and 9 mixels in a line

    Then gobbol finds the source of the leaks and calls the plumber tribe that is series 88

    then suddenly we see a picture of chomly x scorpi fan art

    it sits there on the screen for 22 minutes

    Then suddenly

    hydro: my cousin is lunk

    THE END Get hyped guys

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