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Issue #6 - September 25, 2014


It's the autumn season! Full of leaf piles, cool days, and of course, Mixels! We've had half a year's worth of The Monthly Mix issues, and it's the second issue after our short hiatus! But it seems that we are back in business for good.

Reports have been received that the first leaked preliminary (and confidential... don't tell LEGO) pictures of Series 4 sets have arrived to the internet. And man, they look great! I know some people aren't excited about the new Infernites, though. I particularly don't mind it, as long as we get three additional members of the other tribes in future series. Also, Series 3 is officially out in stores! Have you gotten any?

As you can see, there has been a ton going on since August. Excited to dig-dig in? Read on!

Wiki Updates

For an announcement I made in between this and last issue, click here (and no, we are not bringing comments back).

The wiki is growing as huge as ever. There's been so much greatness happening, that I just can't list it all. Brickset's Mixels building competition themed for Series 3 has begun, and guess what? I'm one of the judges! You can learn more about the contest and find out how to enter here.

For starters, our YouTube channel opened late last month. In the time period of one month, we have gotten almost 250 subscribers! That's such a big accomplishment, and all we have uploaded so far are the existing episodes. Due to that, if you have any ideas for videos, feel free to shout them out in the comments below. We appreciate it!

We also need tons more images, so if you have any episode screenshots or the like, feel free to upload. Leaked images are now allowed. Also, please keep the wiki clean by not ruining articles and undoing any vandalism you see. Thank you for your attention.

Set Reviews: Torts, Scorpi, and Magnifo

I have received Magnifo, Torts, and Scorpi in the mail. I like Magnifo the most (mostly due to purple parts), but Scorpi is as adorable as ever, and Torts is awesome. I give Magnifo 5/5, Scorpi 4/5, and Torts 4.5 out of five cubits.

Cartoon Corner

In this section, I talk about the Mixels shorts that air on Cartoon Network. There are now twenty-one episodes in the series broadcasted (twenty shorts, plus the Mixed Up Special with the two "minisodes").

And speaking of the special... it was intense! It wasn't EXACTLY what we were all expecting (and why would it be?), but I thought it was just fine. It may seem like it has an unfair advantage over everything else, but this is now my favorite episode. I really enjoyed the extra character development, especially Major Nixel actually interacting with the Mixels. The debut of the Glorp Corp, Spikels, and Wiztastics made Mixed Up something truly special. However, out of the two 5-6 minute "minisodes" separated by older shorts, I liked Epic Comedy Adventure the most. I mean, RAINBOW CUBITS! Plus, the Hawaiian dancing mix from Vaudeville Fun appears multiple times, which I'm sure we've all grown to love since June, right? BOON-CHIKA-BOON-CHIKA-BOON-CHIKA-BOON!

Anyway, one thing I did know was that we were also ecstatic to see the voice cast FINALLY credited at the end. Who knew that Denzel Crocker from Fairly OddParents and Bobbi Fabulous from Phineas & Ferb IS Mesmo and Torts? Arwin from the Suite Life series as Magnifo? Small world. Overall, the Mixed Up Special was an insane thrill ride for the fandom, and I cannot wait to discover where Cartoon Network Studios is taking the franchise next.

Next Issue

Unfortunately, we are done for now. Continue to make the wiki a better place! Also, if you would like to write a guest article, send one to me at Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, and what I need to to improve on, as I love to hear from you. Next issue, we have a review of the rest of Series 3, and more Mixel goodness than the whole population of Nixels! Don't miss it.

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