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Issue #3 - May 19, 2014


The Monthly Mix continues! As school winds down for the year and LEGO building time grows longer, we need something to entertain ourselves, don't we? Look no further! Mixels series two is here, with the Frosticons, Fang Gang and Flexers joining the Infernites, Cragsters, and Electroids to defeat the Nixels! This is a packed issue, so keep reading on.

Wiki Updates

I've added some new stuff to the homepage, given the wiki an awesome new theme to reflect the newcomers, and more. Please help update pages with series two episode and set information! This wiki continues to grow and grow. We've attracted many new editors, and are in need of more, so please spread the word! There's proof that this wiki has potential to be a great resource, as it appears as one of the first links when you search "Mixels" on Google, and the fact that fans of the sets and show have been using images from our wiki for news on forums such as Eurobricks. We also need tons more images, so if you have any episode screenshots or the like, feel free to upload. Remember, pictures of leaked confidential Mixels sets are not allowed. Also, please keep the wiki clean by not ruining articles and undoing any vandalism you see. Thank you for your attention.

Set Review: Volectro

We'll get to series two reviews very soon (once I buy them all). For now, let's take a look at Volectro. Most will want him for the awesome yellow bush piece, but in reality, he's a perfect set for many yellow parts, as well as joints, hinges, and a pair of the new googly eyes (that have also appeared on the snail in The LEGO Movie set, Cloud Cuckoo Palace). I have no real complaints. Get him while you can, as there is no guarantee that series one sets will still be in stores after series two becomes more widespread. I give him 5 out of 5 cubits.


Hold on a moment there! We aren't quite finished with reviewing this time around. I recently stopped by my local Target and, to my surprise, they had all of the series two Mixels sets in stock! (look for a green box display while in-store) I picked up all three Frosticons, and are here to review them! First off, all of them have that really rare medium azure color of pieces, which are mostly only found in Friends sets, but have become more widespread lately. Flurr is nice with his wings. Lunk and him both include hinges that should come in handy. Lunk is neat with the use of Ninjago ice blades as snot (and I ain't talking about the building technique). Slumbo is my favorite, as he appears the most humanoid, and contains some really cool ice blades from the Galaxy Squad theme. Also, he has printed eyes on minifigure heads, with space helmets acting as eye sockets/eyelids! Slumbo includes a Nixel, which I haven't talked about in any of the previous reviews, for none of those sets included them! The printed face of the Nixel is great, and the design is clever. All of them are great fun. I give Lunk a 2.5 out of 5 cubits, Flurr 4/5 cubits, and Slumbo 5/5 cubits.

Cartoon Corner

In this section, I talk about the Mixels shorts that air on Cartoon Network. There are now twelve shorts in the series broadcasted. And yes, Changing a Lightbulb and Rockball now appear on the websites (finally). My favorite out of the three that have released since last issue has to be Wrong Colors, which is also the most recent. Why? We get to see Flurr and Gobba in action! Also, this really shows how dumb the Nixels can be. I am also very happy that they have all six tribes interacting with each other, rather than the original three being killed off to make room for series two. Overall, very impressive in the way they handled this situation.

Next Issue

Unfortunately, we are done for now. Continue to make the wiki a better place! Also, if you would like to write a guest article, send one to me at Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, and what I need to to improve on, as I love to hear from you. Next issue, we have a review of Vulk and more Mixel goodness than the whole population of Nixels! Don't miss it.

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