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Issue #2 - April 13, 2014


Here we are, the second issue. I got some great feedback on the first issue, so I have decided to keep going with this! This issue has something for everyone, so let's get started!

Wiki Updates

This wiki has definitely grown in the last month! Continue to make it a better place. I have appointed several admins, such as MixedSerpent, who have been doing a great job so far. I added a new a wiki logo, a background (NIX!), and updated the homepage to welcome visitors better. We also need tons more images, so if you have any episode screenshots or the like, feel free to upload. Remember, pictures of leaked confidential Mixels sets are not allowed. Also, please keep the wiki clean by not ruining articles and undoing any vandalism you see. Thank you for your attention.

Set Review: Seismo

Yay, a new set review! Meet Seismo. Seismo was one of the first Mixels to be introduced last July. He includes more of the new balljoints for his legs and feet, so that is a plus. Unfortunately, his arms are only hinged. The printed eye tile is awesome, and the pieces surrounding it give him a lot of character. RAD FUN! I give him 4.5 out of 5 cubits.

Cartoon Corner

In this section, I talk about the Mixels shorts that air on Cartoon Network. There are now eleven shorts in the series broadcasted. My favorite out of the four that have released since last issue has to be Another Nixel. It's great to see where the Nixels originated from, and finding out that their leader is a war sergeant type dude is hilarious! Unfortunately, the last two episodes, Changing a Lightbulb and Rockball, have to be purchased to be viewed. Let's hope they are added to the official website soon!

Next Issue

Unfortunately, we are done for now. Continue to make the wiki a better place! Also, if you would like to write a guest article, send one to me at Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, and what I need to to improve on, as I love to hear from you. Next issue, we have a review of Volectro and more Mixel goodness than the whole population of Nixels! Don't miss it.

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The Administration
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