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Issue #1 - March 11, 2014


Here we are, the first issue. It feels like yesterday since I created this wiki. Actually, it was half a year ago, when Mixels was first announced! We've definitely grown a bit. As new character, set, and episode information becomes available, I hope you take the time to edit and contribute! Spread the word to your friends. This issue, we have a set review, wiki announcements, and a few other things to cover, so let's get started!

Wiki Updates

I'm currently trying to improve templates on the wiki, making pages look overall much better. This includes infoboxes, navboxes, and other simple yet complicated codes. If you know how to do any of this stuff or know how to apply it to articles, by all means, feel free to help! I am on the lookout for a few admins, so work hard and be a good user and you may be promoted randomly. Who knows? We also need tons more images, so if you have any episode screenshots or the like, feel free to upload. Remember, pictures of leaked confidential Mixels sets are not allowed. We are also in need of a new wiki logo. Entries can be put in the comments and will be voted on next week. Also, please keep the wiki clean by not ruining articles and undoing any vandalism you see. Thank you for your attention.

Set Review: Flain

Yes, we do have set reviews in this newsletter! In fact, here is the first one now. Flain is the leader of the Infernites, and you could go as far as calling him the main Mixel. He sells for five dollars and is definitely worth it. If you like red and flame pieces, he is for you. His head is also wonderfully detailed, though I recommend not to tilt it too far forward, or he will be unbalanced. The only real criticism I have with him is his very stubby feet, so stubby in fact that he will not stand flat on the ground. You may need to push out the axle pin a bit for that to happen. Flain is a great set and I recommend you pick him up. I give him 4 out of 5 cubits.

Cartoon Corner

In this section, I talk about the Mixels shorts that air on Cartoon Network. Currently, seven episodes of the series have been broadcasted on TV and released online. Out of all of them, I do like Pothole the best. The show is full of stupid humor, so if that is your thing, check it out. The Flash animation style is absolutely beautiful, and is probably the best part about it. I am very pleased so far.

Next Issue

Unfortunately, we are done for now. Continue to make the wiki a better place! Also, if you would like to write a guest article, send one to me at Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, and what I need to to improve on, as I love to hear from you. Next issue, we have a review of Seismo and more Mixel goodness than the whole population of Nixels! Don't miss it.

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