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It is time, I'm afraid. On October 1, 2016, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away, the TV series finale special, the end of season two, and the last episode ever in the series, will air. That morning, LEGO Mixels will also release Series 9; the last wave of toys.

And while I wouldn't call it a celebration per se, it is time for us to express all that Mixels has meant to us in a big way. Look for all the ways you can contribute in the sections below. Spread the word!

Chat Parties

All times are in EST.

  • Thursday, September 29th at 3:30 PM
  • Friday, September 30th at 2:00 PM
  • Saturday, October 1st at 4:30 PM (stay for LIVE series finale coverage and editing at 5:30!)


Leave a comment below and I'll put it right here. Just 2-3 sentences about what Mixels has meant to you will do!


Huh, well, i knew it had to happen, like, everything has its end, right? anyways, im just gonna tell the Story of how i began liking Mixels.

It Began with my cousin visiting my home, he is a fan of LEGO, so we were playing and such, until he told me:

Hey Cousin! have you heard a LEGO Theme called Mixels?

Mixels? whats that? I Replied.

So he told me to turn on the computer, and he showed me the LEGO Website for the Theme (it was around the Series 3 update), at first, i was kinda annoyed that he wasted my time with stupid LEGO stuff, so i shook it off, and we continued playing.

Days later, i came across Youtube videos about Mixels, watched them, belive it or not, Epic Comedy Adventure was my first ever Mixels episode, at that moment, i started to enjoy the series, after that, i came across the Mixels Wiki, but i have'nt joined, but i was interesting in the amount of information that was on there, then i saw Mixels OCs, i wanted to make one, so i made Krabber, wich, to be honest, was a really bland OC thinking of it now, anyways, days later, my cousin came again, and he told me that a LEGO Store in Medellin (wich is a place where i can only get Mixels from further series), so i asked:

How Much?

$19.900 (wich is $6,83 in US)

My Mom then took me to the LEGO Store with my Brother and the money i saved up, i was expecting Flain, sence thats the Mixel i wanted the most (wich i have now, BTW), but instead, there were lots of Kraders, and a small quantity of Shuffs and Vulks, i got Vulk, and a small Emmet keychain ,sence He is from the Infernites Tribe, and Flain is from that Tribe so then we went to my aunts house, who is the grandmother of my cousin, and i told my cousin i got Vulk, but turns out, he got Krader, Shuff and Vulk! that really rustled my jimmies, but i shook it off anyways.

after days, after i got S3, and the Orbitons, i got to make a Account in the Mixels Wiki and Deviantart, and, surprisingly, i made an Edit before i went to Chat on the MW, then i slowly made myself from a small boi, to a likable guy! then used my old Youtube Account to make Mixels Videos! wich i love most.

As a Mixels Fan, i don't know what to say, but it was bond to happen, and im ok with that now, but i will still be in this wiki after NNGA, and stay with my friends, like GN, Mixels helped me gain some Friends on the Internet, wich i had never done, and Help me with my depression and my popularity!

i also want to thank you guys for being with me these two years of being in the Mixels Fandom, you guys are the best, and always will be, no matter what.

Thank You.

- AngelJacobo101

Cartoon strength junballe

Well,I watched mixels since march 2014 in cartoon network and I turned fan,Meanwhile I visited site of mixels in cartoon network to know the mixels,mixels and murps.Finally,I saw mixels OCs of others in last year,but I am with-out deviantART in last year,in 2015 I visited mixels wiki but I also i am without Mixels wiki may 6,This year 2016,finally I have deviantART profile,I stardet post my fanarts,OCs and also my mixels OCs,i made friends in July 21,2016 in created my mixels wiki profile but i had problem:my mixels wiki profile is lock,i called maddie (zootycutie) asking my profile to be unlocked and problems are over,i edited mixels that the voice actors are unknown,i made friends in youtube,google+ (angry birds fan),mixels wiki and maybe Twitter.I not buy lego mixels,but I will buy mixels wiki in children's day in brazil.

I can't wait to se finale episode "nixel,nixel go away" mixels d'not will say goodbye,will say bye to fire.


I don't even remember how I got into the series anymore but whatever

Thing is, I wouldn't even have KNOWN any of you without Mixels. (coughexceptzootyandespeciallyflipcough)

Also I've been here since the cartoon started airing so yeah

Don't forget to stay cool. Chilbo will live on in your hearts.


So hard to say goodbye to this theme...

I made amazing friends thanks to Mixels. I collected every set the first day I could find them in stores. This theme was what really brought me back to Lego after getting bored of Star Wars and Ninjago before Mixels, it really has a special place in my heart. Cartoon Network had very little promotion for Mixels in its second year, which is most likely why this year didn't sell well, leading to its cancellation. I had lost most of my interest in the them at the time Series 8 released, mainly because of the lack of promotion and that I was busy with school. Series 9 and Nixel Nixel Go Away BETTER go off with a bang...

Thank you, Cartoon Network and Lego and everyone who worked on the show and sets. Thank you to everyone who I met throughout the show's run for being awesome friends and supporting me.


The Mixels changed my life. Ever since I was introduced them in mid-2014 by Cartoon Network and Boomerang, I've been simply invested. I've been buying whatever sets I could and supporting this show whenever I can. It may not have had the most careful run, but I loved the show throughout it and it always excited me to see a new episode of the series on TV.

The LEGO sets are astounding - the concept is a bit of a new one for LEGO and a perfect opportunity they took once they could. I enjoy taking apart my Mixels and mixing them together, especially into giant maxes whenever possible. Mixels has never failed to amaze me.

It's really...really...REALLY sad to see this wonderful franchise go, but as the saying goes..."if you love something, set it free. if it comes back, it's your's; if it doesn't, it never was." And I'm willing to abide that statement no matter how much I love the Mixels. Here's to a big finale. Give it your best and your craziest, Mixels!


At the time on early 2014 (Febuary or March? I don't remember) I sort of reading an article in my local magazine about Mixels and I was sort of "Hey, these creatures are really great!", and yes, I'm instantly attached to Mixels at that time. At one day, I went to my local mall and saw toys of these. Then, I started buying all of these along with my little bro (at that time, I had Krader, Shuff, Teslo and Volectro while he had all of the 2014 Infernites, Seismo and Zaptor. However, after a while, he gave up on Mixels and gave all of his sets to me). I also watched the shorts at and looked up the gallery on the same site. Around October 2014, I discovered Mixels Wiki. I stayed around there as a silent reader, however. At late November, I saw that all of the S2 and S3 Mixels were on the toy store in my local mall so I bought 'em up slowly starting from Footi, Lunk, and Gobba and finished with Glurt, Balk, and Wizwuz. At early 2015, I found TMxlsFC (TheMixelsFanClub) on dA but however, I stayed there as a silent reader, again. Starting from mid April, S4 had arrived in my country and I've started collecting them starting from Flamzer and Niksput and finished at Boogly, Rokit, and Burnard at May. And also, at that time, I became a deviant here. June 25, I became a member of Mixels Wiki known as The-Adventure-Krog (now DeKrogMination), a something that I've always dreamed for since I discovered the Wiki.

Near the end of 2015, I became a (slightly) big name on the fandom. That was the 'golden era' for my life. I've met a lot of friends, made a lot of fanwork and such, bought (almost) every Mixel sets available, working on the wiki and get promoted into a chat moderator, and unfortunately, experience all the drama out there. But that's okay. I kept thinking positive and bring what's best from myself.

And now, this franchise, the franchise that brought my internet life, is ending. I never thought it would end like this, and I never thought a franchise that brought me back about how amazing LEGO is is ending thanks to low sales and everything. But that's okay for me. What can I say? I slowly wearing out from this fandom now (I'm into The Amazing World of Gumball and Undertale lately, but mainly TAWoG), but I'm still consider myself as a part of this fandom. I know, I'll miss the great times from this fandom. Making Mixel stuff on LDD, buying the sets, talking about Mixel fanarts, bashing bad Mixel OCs- forget that last one. Aaaanyways, you get my point.

Thank you, Mixels, for making me who I am.

See ye' around. :)

Derek the Torchic

Ah, Mixels, the LEGO theme and Cartoon Network series that changed my life forever. I've been collecting the Mixels since 2014 and I own every Mixel since then. I really enjoy the creativity and effort put into the Mixels sets. I enjoyed the shorts and specials, too. Mixels was also the reason how I met some AMAZING people and how I began actively posting fanart online. Also to the people in the Mixels fandom, I love you guys, and without you guys, my life could've been very different now.

And finally to LEGO and Cartoon Network: THANK you for creating the BIGGEST AND MOST EPIC LEGO theme and Cartoon Network series. EVER.

Durl Enrick

I Can't Belive That It's Ending... Our Favorite Show And Toy Series Is Ending...

The one thing that mixels has taught me is to be creative to anything that we do and we can't be afraid to mix it up. Making up Fan Stories,Fanmade OC's,and everything else we are never afraid to show them to other people.

I remember when i first saw mixels, in a commercial, yes a philippine commercial that randomly airs on cartoon network asia. It was awesome the characters, the mixing, maxing, not to mention murping

After i saw that commercial i saw the coconaple eppisode. And there i was watching it and instantly became a mixels fan, I even posted fan made mixel vines on my youtube channel

Last things I Want To Say:

Thanks You Mixels Wiki For Being The Best Mixels Wiki

Also Thank You

Green Ninja



For Keeping This Wiki Awesome

Last But Not The Least

Thank You Mixels For Your Awesome Show We Will Miss You And We Will Never Forget You

"Once A Mixels Fan Always A Mixels Fan"

- Durl Enrick


So This is My Story about how i start loving Mixels...

So Before you guys skip this part. i just wonna say Thank you Cartoon Network and This Awesome Mixels wiki for being here and make this Cartoon alive for all these years. it's been a while that im not that interested at any other cartoons beside Pac-Man And Stitch but since i found this... i will tell the story right now about how i start being a fan of Mixels!!!

NOTE : My Story is seems strange but it's real and i have a strong memory about Mixels

I already know this short cartoon way back since June 2014. i was quite impressed whoever made this awesome cartoon . but later that year i just realized that Mixels is made from LEGOs and i was not a fan of LEGOs back in a day. and i was not accepting it about it. but im not hating Mixels back in a day because the Characters there is pretty Dope. but in April,29 2015 i woke up in 9:00 AM and i have a aura that i am now a complete fan of Mixels. It's pretty weird you guys think but it's true. it's a very first Dream Related to Mixels (Some what like it but i do know that Theres Frosticons and a Grass-Type Mixels (i know Grass Type ones are not Exist) there one of the Frosticon (Probly Reassemble as Slumbo ) is Stranded in one of the iceberg and other Mixels come help him out of there. it's really touching me and there forward i am a fan of mixels.

In First Week at May 2015... i start creating a Mod that Adds Mixels To Minecraft which some of you guys already know about it. it's called [Mixelcraft Mod] and i wonna keep this private until it's quite stable. i update this mod since then and i stopped making it Last week of August 2015 because theres no more features to add in but after i make some decissions with my Cousin. We made an Awesome job making the model it self but it takes a lot of time to make them. we make Volectro as the Very First model we made Back in October,31 2016 since then we made all of those models by our selves and it came out really well.

In December,23 2015... i've signed up for this wiki for my wikia account but i haven't edit anything, din't go to the chat or make friends in the wiki. all i did is just checking all the Character images and converting it into a Minecraft Version of it. i already know Mixels Wiki Since October 2015. im not signing up or making any friends since then because i was not confident enough to do it. but in January 2016. you guys already know... i joined into the chat and im always go there every day until it's April 2016 that i have a lot of stuff to do with my mod and playing with my Cousins and Friends. but im rarely going to the wiki chat if i got some time to do it.

Since then i was doing the same thing until now...

hope you guys enjoyed my Intresting Story and Thank you all For Being an Awesome Fan of it for all of these years. it's quite interesting that how i managed to like a cartoon for over a year now cuz usually i am no longer a fan ot a certain cartoon for 6 months or longer.

After this Final Episode of Mixels i will finished all the Features and Models for my Mixelcraft Mod for All you Minecraft And Mixels Fans to show you guys that it's really awesome mod that i officially made it.


Flamzer The Mixel

It was a few days after it's first time airing on CN. My older brother came home from school and asked me if I knew about Mixels. I said no. He turned on the TV hoping a commercial or episode would go on. Actually, both were playing (Later on obviously)! The commercial was Lego but the Episode, well, obviously not. I think the episode was Cookironi or Coconapple but whatever it was, it was pretty funny! Things stopped. I forgot about the series for a little but. But then.... it was time for SERIES 2! I watched a 30s commercial and thought "OMG NO WAY!" Some time in June (or July) I went to Walmart and I saw the Lego Mixels Series 2 Box. I thought "I have enouh for 2, so maybe I should buy some :D"! These were my first ever lego mixels sets; Lunk and Balk. I didnt build them until the next morning though. I built Balk and thought it was cool how some mixels have Nixels. My brother (not the same brother from before) wanted to build Lunk, so he did. It was not long after that I got Flurr and Krader. Of course, Built them! Then, one day, I brought Flurr to my summer program place. I told my friends what Mixels are and who I brought. I told my teacher and he bought one for everyone, but that day, I was not there. The next day was a surprise for me! They all had their first Mixels! I had an option between Kraw and Chomly. I was already saving up money to get Kraw off of Amazon so I picked Kraw and then my teacher gave Chomly to his nephew. Then, series 3 came! We went to the Zoo and went to a mall for dinner. I wanted to go in the lego store because I had no idea they existed! I went in and they had series 3! My brothers and I wanted them so I got the Wiztastics and paied for them with my money, one of my brothers go the spikels and the other got the Glorp Corp! Later that night (it was like 11PM) we built them! We had so much fun with them! They were great! When we heard about series 4 we thought it was a scam, a joke. But when I found out it was real, I WAS SUPER EXCITED! That was when I became a HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE fan of Mixels!



i'm flurr

in late 2014. i watched CN. and then the episode coconapple popped up. i was kinda scared so i covered my ears. after that, i saw there was lego sets of them. and then i asked my mother to go to a shop with them, we went. and got shuff. seismo. flain, zorch and krader. and then we got the electroids and vulk the next day. and later that day me and my big sister built the electroids max. and seeing this. i cry so much inside.


dang, its been 3 years already? i remember when i got shuff, my first ever mixel. after that i got hooked, basically being drowned out of my other likings, and gained a new one this year. its a shame how mixels was treated by cn, especially how they did good with it the first year. and thanks to mixels, i regotten back into lego! if im not lazy enough ill try to animate a short myself lol.

now onto the friends

i made a lot of good friends here, some got blocked but i can still contact them on different wikis/dA/twitter. ive definitely had lots of good times here (space spam, colin, that one day when tung said that about tara strong xd), and some bad times (COUGHcCOUGH UNESSECARY DRAMA iNTENSIFIEs) but i still had a good time here. im sad that no commercial of nnga premiered, and what toa said, those nexo knights sets may be replacing both mixels and bionicle (i have interest in nk tho xd)

ill still have interest in mixels tho, and im getting interested into other things too. but..........

i may or may not have the biggest mixels collection. B)

but skroo u cn for not giving it that much of a chance

now my speech is done

Green Ninja

Courtesy of Brickset:

Coming soon...

  • Part 2: The LEGO sets and merchandise
  • Part 3: The show and its troubled lifetime
  • Part 4: The big picture


It all started when my brother came home from school with the Mixels Activity Book, which our mother got for him at his school's book fair that was held in March 2015. I was pretty ticked when I saw he got a book apparently just because it had a toy, so I was indifferent to Mixels for a month of so. A short while later, he got the Calling All Mixels app and was asking for a lot of help with it, which made me even more angry because I could not figure out how it worked. I was getting increasingly irritated with his new interest.

Not long after that, an ad came on for Series 4, and of course my brother begged my mother to get them, so she got him all of the Series 4 Mixels some time later. When the Mixels arrived, I was asked to help my brother assemble them, and I remember the first one I assembled was Niksput, and I think the first one my brother assembled was Nurp-Naut. I was annoyed that my brother kept asking me to fix the Mixels, disassemble them, and build them. However, my brother began watching some of the episodes online around the same time we got Series 4... And after a while, the series started to grow on me, oddly enough.

I cannot remember exactly how I found the Wiki, but I think I might have been looking some stuff up for Calling All Mixels and I was finding a lot of important information for the game on the Wiki. A while later, I noticed some of the Mix articles needed some cleaning-up, so I eventually decided to make an account to help out. Eventually, I became interested enough in Mixels to start making fan characters, and now I have tons of fan characters I really need to add onto my profile page. XD

This is probably the first thing I have gotten into since Pokémon (that was eleven years ago!) in which I really disliked it at first and ended up becoming obsessed with it later on. Some of you may remember how timid and awkward I was when I first joined the Wiki, but I was fortunately able to grow out of that rather quickly. I know I have not been as active lately, but that is largely due to various real-life obligations which I have had to focus more on for obvious reasons. I just want to let you guys know that I am going to try and stay here until the place becomes completely dead or I completely lose interest in Mixels. Thank you for being the very first Wiki I have joined.

Hyperealistic Gaben

Well, this looks like the end of a generation that changed my life forever. I am honestly very upset to see that Mixels will end, and I will miss such great memories. Lemme tell you how it all started.

I was watching CN at home, and to my surprise, a teaser for Mixels appeared. I was amazed, and honestly I may have said "Wow this isn't anime". Later sometime, at a Toys-R-Us (I still think the name is dumb) my Mom offered me a Volectro set, and I just HAD to get it. He was insane, he was yellow (My favorite color) and he had messy hair like I did. The idea of Mixels was spectacular in my opinion. But one Mixel was not enough. I started collecting all of these series, and wanna know what? I found this amazing, stunning wiki on August 5th, 2014. If you probably have heard, that was the day I was born. And without me, Scorpi wouldn't have a special feature that said "Spiky tail" and that was my first contribution.

I joined the Tribe Hangout (which was called "chat" at the time but i'm just gonna say Tribe Hangout) and without said hangout, I wouldn't have made a single friend. Heck, I even remember the generic chat welcoming.

These lovely LEGOs are the reason why I have had a great life, and i'm gonna miss those miserable Mixels. I'm about to burst into tears right now, so i'm just gonna say bye.


Well, Mixels is ending already, isn't it? This is so...I can't even express it. I mean, I can't even start. This show has been a big spark in my creativity. Sure, I love drawing, but the idea of Mixels is so inventive. Like, I like the idea of Mixels a lot that I've been making some of my own OCs from the show. I felt so in touch with show when I did. Just molding a character out of wacky shapes, color schemes, weird body patterns, and a clever name is so neat! Now I know how the people behind Mixels feel after they develop new characters. Sure, the show has a few remodels, but for them to push their creativity further to make BG Mixels outside of already-made tribes is cool! Picture the first episode of Mixels, Coconapple...and then compare it to Nixel, Nixel Go Away. Look how much it changed! It went from shorts of three main tribes of one series in a small land to half-hour episodes of 9 official tribes in the franchise, a vast variety of background Mixels, tribes that were supposed to appear that at the end had cameos for BG Mixels, a large setting being Mixopolis, and much more! Props to you, LEGO and CN.

And on the topic of CN and LEGO, CN's support of Mixels Yes, I gave props to CN, but I had to give them this. I just feel like CN's been pushing the show in a corner for TTG, but the 3 month/7 month hiatus for the episodes are worth the hype. As for LEGO, you're Mixel products are awesome. Like, I started buying your sets once Series 4 popped up. And I remember my first Mixels were Niksput, Wizwuz, Hoogi, and Footi. Sure, I missed Series 1-2 and I'm missing a few pieces, but I'm looking forward to looking the final sets of Series 9.

Now onto this lovely community. I think this is what I'm thankful for the most for Mixels; not the sets, not the cartoon, not the inspiration, but the fanbase. Sure, uh..."things" get out of hand and I won't talk about that more, but Mixels has brought me some new friends! It started off with the wiki, then dA (or it might've been the other way), and now Twitter. I didn't get to get in touch with this great website at first, but then I got to dA once I saw some of your amazing drawings/works! And then, some people in this fanbase recommended me to get a Twitter, and I did! It's favorite thing about this fanbase is communication. Every day, I go to Twitter, scroll through my feed, and then go to the DM to see what's up. And sometimes, I go to the wiki chat...which I should do more often...considering I'm a cmod...yeah. :/ ANYWAYS, get my point? The Mixels fandom has become close to me. I cannot thank this place enough. Twitter, dA, this wiki, other social media I may not use, Youtube. Thank you all for being there for me. Like, I cannot thank you guys enough for being in my life. It's been a great 3 years, and even though the series has to come to end and the fact that I don't post much for Mixels, I'm hoping to still stick around. And with that said...Mixels, thank you.


when i first saw mixels i said "what the @#$! is that?"

friggin madness here. everybody is a wacky psycho or wacky in some sense

and its beautiful

mixels is love mixels is life

maybe in a few years we get to make a kickstarter to reboot it

also the community

best community hands on

zooty, green, gaben, the memes, the trolls...

R.I.P. mixels

"lets mix it to fix it"

leave the lowercase its my touch


Ah Mixels, My Most Favorite Franchise Out Of All The Lego Company. It's So Sad To See A Favorite Franchise Go So Fast For A Course Of 3 Years. In My Short Months As A WIKIAN I've Already Settled And Completed Series 7 And 8. I'd Like To Thank Everyone For Making Me Feel Welcome On This Wiki. Through The Course Of Three Months On This Wiki, I've Made 3 Seasons Of Fan Stories With The Final Season In 2017. So This Is My Message To Mixels Wiki. THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING ME! (This Is An Excerpt For My FINAL Blog)


That was final episode of Mixels, darn.

I was big fan of mixels, i started to like mixels in 2014, i created my first mixels tribe oc's called "Robloxain Friendy". I got series 2, later i got series 3, and later i got series 1. So, i watched mixels episode, it was awesome, i created first cyber mixels games in 2015 called Cyber Mixels Brawl.

5 months later, i created cyber mixels brawl website, and i got series 4, and 5. It that day, it's halloween day, i got series 6 to make Cyber Mixels Brawl 3: Domination. and then in next year 2016, i created new cyber mixels games for 2016 called Cyber Mixels Melee, and i made LEGO Cyber Mixels Brawl/Melee in February 2016. later i made my first mixels fan-comic called Summer Battle on dA, i created my villains mixels oc's, in september 20 2016, Cyber Mixels Brawl Vs Melee was released by Luqman2 Games and Lixers Games, Cyber Mixels Path of Destruction was released on dA, I made crossover Cyber Mixels and Cartoon Brawl Stars, it was released on Scratch. and finally I made 20 Cyber Mixels from LEGO Cyber Mixels Brawl/Melee series 3, i finally updated Cyber Mixels Melee website, it was final update. I have 36 mixels oc's, i have so many mixelfifed characters, i created Fairly Odd Mixes. I will never forget mixels, i cannot wait for final episode. goodbye mixels...

R.I.P Mixels

2014 - 2016


It all started for me in February 2014 when Boomerang began airing the very first Season 1 shorts. Initially, I passed it off, but then May 2014 came and promos started airing for the next wave of Season 1 shorts and Flurr was featured in them prominently. Suddenly, I grew big love for him and it's still here as of today. Then, the next few things all happened in June 2014. While internet browsing, I found out that Mixels wasn't just some yet another animated show, in fact, it was a Lego co-production, also, I discovered the Mixels Wiki for the first time while browsing Flurr on Google Images and later that month I finally bought him from a Super Kmart store near my house, which unfortunately, closed permanently a few months later (but I heard Kroger will be moving into that building soon). Then the promos for the first special first came around in mid-August 2014 and at that point I started growing more interest in the fandom, also it finally gave me the opportunity to see how Flurr was like on the show (due to Boomerang not airing anything featuring him up to that point). After that, I started posting Mixel art on my then-only-few-months-old Deviantart account and began meeting other members who were also in the fandom. It wasn't until February 2015 that I finally used my pre-existing Wikia account for the Mixels Wiki and it was also around the time that I began loving Slusho too. I can't believe even everything I just said is now considered to be nostalgic...


Back in spring break 2014, I went on a Family trip to Dallas because we have a free ticket to Legoland from The Lego Movie Happy Meal. And on the second day, we went Legoland Discovery Center. And this is when i got my first 3 mixels: Seismo, Zorch, And Teslo.

2 years later, I started a Lego Stop-motion build on my Mixels Collection; My first video was a build on Ticketz.

Today, i feel like a slave chopping 7 million onions because the Mixels toy line is going straight to an end. But atleast i have big plans tommorow. So i would like to thank the Lego Group and Cartoon Network for this Charming Franchise. D-X


oh, golly, golly!! it's time to go back to those days!!!

well, i pretty much first ran across the Cookironi short somewhere in 2014 (most likely March??) and I thought it was some adult swim show for whatever reason

my older sister (no longer into it) constantly showed me the shorts which irritated me because I thought it was stoopiddd!! but then she showed me cookironi again and I thought it was pretty funny and then she showed me a few others and I grew to really like the show

Then I joined the wiki. Man, I was super rude. Then I went to shy. Then I suddenly turned to writing those-

unfortunately enough i was too afraid to ask for the sets and we can't really get any because mom thinks legos are of Satan i might get one at least hopefully,,,,,,, but until then

I've met a ton of friends and people and I've changed since I got into this show. I'm not as interested in it as I used to be, but it's good to kill time with and I'm greatly thankful for everyone I've met because of this show and wiki.

Because of this show, I like LEGOs now. If only I could get an actual set!!??

Zaijian, (goodbye? euAgh) Mixels!


I cannot belive it's been a 2 years ago since I'm a Mixel Fan. Well, yeah, it's sad how Mixels would be the final episode and the LEGO sets. Geeze! I might loosing my money if the LEGO Mixels avalable in my country. Okay so, here is my full eulogie:

In early February 2014, I visit on the Cartoon Network US website to play some Gumball games. Before I play Gumball games, The Cartoon Network showed a new show called "Mixels". And my reaction was like "Mixels? What is that?", I might not interesting about this show but I don't hate it I just don't like it before.. 3 moths later, a person I know on Facebook that he always mad at girl on Deviantart, he worried too much that she post negative comments and she only like ghost. If so, I looking on her profile page on Deviantart, and I saw her drawings are exactly as Mixels. I was confused, I don't know what is going on? I also serched "Mixels" on Google and Wikipedia if I don't know about this show either. However, I saw it has a LEGO version of them, I cufused also but I like it a little bit. And the Mixels fanart, I like it too. Oh! The Mixels Website, eh? Well, I checked of those characters (mostly series 1) are totaly adorable, especially Teslo and Krader. The games, musics, Mixing, Maxing EVERYWHERE! When the show came pop out in my country, I start to like it always. Yet, I was drawing Mixels for the first time (my first Mixels drawing is look like this). Many of fandoms like my art, even I met any people (who was a fan of Mixels) on Deviantart.

Late June 2014, I start to like Slumbo because of his ability and his desgin, he's such a cute Mixels. When I look some other characters on the "Mixels" logo, I saw that he's standing at the middle and I just love him, also on his LEGO version of him. On July, Before I looked up on LEGO Mixels series 1 and 2, I came on the mall to find a Mixels toys and I just found Mixels Series 2 box avalable in my country. I tought that it should be Series 1 but I want to but it once. Later, I just want to collect MORE OF THEM! So after that, I joined the Mixels Wiki and chatting or met any people alot. Also, my old classmate who always like Mixels, plus he collected all the sets. But yeah, some of my other old classmates are exactly know about Mixels.. Heck! This is makes me feel very happy!

This year, every Mixels is going to changed. Like they now lived (or not?) in the Mixopolis thanks to the Weldos, lots of adventures. All I have to say thank you. Thank you to all the crews for working LEGO and Cartoon Network, I don't know why are always making specials insted of shorts. Again, thank you very much for working this show. And the fandoms, you guys are really great! But not too much..

Ahh.. Good memories.

Mixels '2014-2016


I'm glad it's ending cause you know the saying: "All good things come to an end." Everyone here has other interests and we'll all go our different ways when the show ends because you can't hold onto something for so long. I liked the Mixels and the Episodes, but it just felt pretty short, since we barely got any new content from either LEGO or CN.

I'm pretty sad to see the series end but I'm sure everyone will find something else and make that their main interest. I remember when I got Jawg and I thought it was pretty stupid, but then I watched some shorts and I was hooked, well now it's ending and I'll find something else to have that same feeling.

This'll probably one of my last contributions to this wiki, since I've moved on from the slowly dying series.

I'm glad I got to meet you users on this wiki and have so many good times with ya, even though you guys probably won't remember me later in ur life ;}

RIP Mixels


Long back in 2014, when watching Cartoon Network, at first I wasn't too interested with Mixels. But then, a friend of mine was collecting them, and I was "Oh that's cool~" and then sometime when I was wondering around on Deviant Art, checking out one of my favorite artists, I've noticed she made Mixel drawings. So, I've decided to check out Mixels. When I watched the show, I got interested with Seismo because he looked cute and he was voiced by Tom Kenny in a "Eduardo" voice. So, started to like Mixels a lot. One day, I was visiting at a friends house and she gave me a gift, she gave me a Mixel toy and that was Slumbo. He was the first Mixel I got! So, I got into a hobby of collecting Mixel toys. When the franchise first introduced the Glorp Corp, I was a little grossed out at first but I got over it when I liked Torts and saw how they were in animation.

Sadly, I never got to see the first ever special because of going somewhere fun. But one time I got up WAY early in the morning to watch it when it aired a second time! I've decided to record the episodes on dvd and treasure them. I really loved Moon Madness and fell in love with the Glowkies. I checked out Dave Fennoy, the voice of Globert and Boogly and he became one of my new favorite voice actors. I also enjoyed A Quest For The Lost Mixamajig but after watching and recording it, I got scared for three days on the part when they went into the key hole and everything went topsy-turvey in there. Even when the scenery turned white when they got captured. Later on I overcame that problem when Every Knight Has Its Day was coming. Thank goodness too...

So right now, I am very excited for the episode Nixel Nixel Go Away and I am really going to miss Mixels a lot... But that shouldn't stop me from making more artwork and ideas. I really want to thank the Mixel company for everything. The show, the franchise, it actually helped me open myself up! It's like the show was supporting me to fufill my dreams! I dream to become an artist and voice actress, and show my talents to them. Artwork, sewing, and voicing! Mixels, I love you so much and I'm going to miss you! We will all miss you!


Looks like Mixels is ending... Bummer...

It was since June 2014. When I first watched Mixels, I was excited for this because of different combinations and power. This gave a new ideas for this and I made a lot of friends from Deviantart and Mixels Wiki (or other fandoms). Some Mixels are awesome and unique like Frosticons, Wiztastics, Infernite Cousins, Weldos, and Nindjas. In September 2014, I started Cyber Mixels. It was inspired of Transformers and TRON. Some of the fanarts or AU are awesome too. I even like some of their OCs (or some of the reboot). They look original in cartoon form or in LEGO version. In June 2015, I bought my first (or ninth) LEGO Mixels, Series 5 in Legoland. I thank to Mixels franchise for making my inspirations back. It was just really sad... Sad... Sad... Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad... that this show has to go.

The Mixels will be missed... And I can't wait for the final episode!


It's been a while since Mixels are about to end. Well, I really like the show because they are colourful, funny and love to mix! But we somehow kinda remembered the good memories and stuff. So, to put on my effort on it, let me tell you some information about why I obviously love Mixels.

For the first time since February 2014, I saw a trailer of Mixels in my TV. Somehow I gotta remember what that show is. So I watched the videos in YouTube and apparently, these episodes are somehow funny and creative. So yea, I saw that there's a site about Mixels known as which I gotta believe it that the mixes are amazing, and yes so as the Murps and Maxes. Even the lego site knows about Mixels which I can't believe that Lego dod a great job for making those immaculate, creative, colourful creatures. In December 2014, I joined this wiki cuz I saw the articles about the Mixels Universe and they were amazing! So yeah, that year is when I joined in to introduce all of you from me.

So, we somehow felt really sad that the Mixels are about to cancel by Lego but thats okay. The Mixels Fandom will still live on! Besides, my artowrk of Mixels did a really great job for me! I kinda felt proud about it! So to put in the memory of the show, Mixels, your show is amazing and great! As always, thank you!

Snoof The Frosticon Mixel

I remember when I bought Flain in May 2014, because I wanted to see how this Lego theme it is. It was okay. I wanted to buy more, but i didn't bought them. Later I wasn't buying Mixels, but the Minifigures. I liked the Mixels show too. Later (at November or December 2014) i wanted to buy the Mixels and i stopped buying Minifigs. When I was in toy store i was hoping for some Mixels.... but NO MIXELS. In December when i was buying Christmas tree, later i was at another toy store and i bought Scorpi, Glurt and Magnifo and then I back to buying them. I knew this wiki in May or June 2014. I wisited the wiki to see S2 episodes info. FINALLY I joined in November 6th 2015 after the Mixamajig premiere (WHY I DIDN'T JOINED THE WIKI BEFORE MIXAMAJIG). Thanks the Mixels I meet lots of great people from other countries. I miss Mixels, their wacky adventures from specials and shorts and waiting for new specials. That were Good Times....


I liked Mixels since it came out, but I didn't join wikia (I didn't know it existed) until April of 2015. If it wasn't for Mixels, I would have never met you guys!! Even though I kind of moved on to other things, it's great to see everyone being so hyped, happy, and brought together. Thank you Mixels, you helped me make friends on the internet, too. :)

Before I got into my new interest (icon, lol)...I started collecting my first Mixels in August 2015. I was jealous everyone except me has some, so I started. I really liked messing with them! It was very fun. The show also regaled me quite a bit with its colorful characters and unique story. I'm happy I liked Mixels back then. Now it will be coming to an end, but that's A-OK with me! I had a great time, and when it ends, that's alright. I enjoyed being here very much.


It all started in February/March 2014 when I was watching CN, when I saw the fist episode of Mixels which is Coconapple, I don't know what to say about it and just forget about it (I know, kinda negative), a few days later we went to the mall, I was bored, then I was in a toy store and wanted to buy something, when we were gonna go to the reception, it all changed when I found my first Mixel, Flain, when I choosed him to buy, I built him at home, when I built it, I checked the construction manual, I got addicted to it when I say theyr'e Colour, Looks and of course, how cool they look like, so that's how it started and started collecting Mixels, that's how I got addicted to Mixels, I was not just addicted, Mixels is like my best friend... ;(

Thank you


The Golden Cubit

Well, this is it, isn't it?

We all had some good times together, chatting, creating our own OC Mixels, editing pages, etc. But like they say: "Nothing lasts forever". So I would really like it if Nixel, Nixel, Go Away had the perfect ending to conclude the Mixels franchise. I also gotta be honest that Mixels was one of LEGO's most creative themes yet. So to finish, thanks everyone for making me feel welcome here and for being great friends :)

R.I.P Mixels 2014-2016


You might think I am new to Mixels, but I have been with it since the very beginning. I was watching the first airing of "Be Mine" from TTG, when during the commercial break, my whole world changed.

The thing that changed my world was "Coconapple"

I saw Flain, I saw Krader, I saw Seismo. The whole thing really got the hang of me. So when I disovered the LEGO sets, my mind blew up. Not literally.

I currently have all the Mixels except Shuff, Skrubz, Mysto, Compax, Myke, Cobrax, and Camsta. The latter six I can easily buy, but Shuff will be a little harder...

It's really sad to see it go, and I hope it can come back one day.

Trigger Happy the Gremlin

Mixels has always meant something to me. Not as much as Gravity Falls, but still. I have seen every episode and devoted my life to buying every set, and I hope it has the best end celebration!


It all started for me with a trip to mastermind with my grandma-lol yes that day I bought my first mixel, Vulk! I built it and was in instant love.

I've loved LEGOs from years before, but Mixels was a WHOLE new level. The creativity, colors and just the fun overall was amazing to me!

Onto wiki, I discovered it in September of 2014, when I was 11 years old. Wasn't what you would call mature, or a good start to my wikia adventures at all. I made my Tung account in December of 2014, and of course this was before I discovered my favorite Mixel, Tungster! I have made so many amazing friends here since then! Through many good times and bad, I've managed. 13 years old now, time has flown extremely fast! Big shame to let the series that made me get so many amazing friends go, but in my heart it will never end.

Sad also that CN was pretty lazy, but eh, what can we do? Mixels had a great, great run. With people like I've met here, I'm sure the creativity of Mixels will never end!


Alright, so I discovered this franchise on the Internet instead of Cartoon Network (because I don't have Cartoon Network) One day, I was searching around some Nintendo stuff on Google images and suddenly I came across a random Deviantart drawing of Vulk with an OC. I was a bit interested so I clicked on it. Later, I found more of these Mixels drawings and I was curious about what they actually are so I keep on searching until I found out they're Mixels. After that, I immediately went to Youtube and searched Mixels to see what it's all about. I remembered when I was first watching the episode "Murp Romp", I was like "OK that was weird" and stuff, thinking that I probably will not watch this show ever again, but for some reason I became a little bit addicted to it that I had the urge to watch all the shorts/specials in one sitting. Since then, I became more and more passionate about this series -- by joining Deviantart, Mixels Wikia etc. I had a tons of fun there, but then real life happened, where I have to drive myself away from Mixels. That's why I started to lose interest on Mixels after EKHID aired. But still, this fandom has given me the chance to make more new friends, so thank you Mixels fandom!

P.S : This is one of the very few fandoms that I dug very deep in.


Here's the tale of me and Mixels. ^_^

Even though it's been almost 3 long years, it felt like just yesterday, it was 2014 and I was flipping through channels when a short cartoon called "Mixels" caught my eye. I thought it was the cutest thing --- the characters and the concept got me hooked from the beginning. I will never forget the time I took a vacation to New York City in early June 2014 and bought my LEGO Scorpi and Flurr, who still hold a special place in my house alongside all my other assembled LEGO Mixels...and a special place in my heart too.

Then, in September 2014, I decided to stop by this wiki. It was a little wiki then, with not too many users or pages. Now, look at it and how much it's grown. With so many users and pages documenting every little detail in the series, I'm glad I've stuck with this wiki since towards the beginning. I've been through it all - from the TOILETS spam to the bikini and angry face raids on the Live! Chat to the mystery of Galadhanu, every wonderful memory and friend I've made on this wiki will live on forever.

And, as the series finale airs and Series 9 is released to stores, I want to's been a wonderful journey watching the Mixels franchise progress, and while the Hype Train has reached its final stop, there's still the Nostalgia Train to board and ride way into the future. I'll be like, "Aw, man, wasn't Mixels the best?", and years into the future, I'll see Mixels-related things again and say, "Mixels? That's my teenage years right there!" ^_^

While Mixels might be ending, the friendships and memories I've made won't end. After all, this wiki will still be around as a hangout for me and all my buddies, and, of course, I'll still be a fan even though the series ended.

I just want to say, I love every Mixel and every user on this wiki, and I will love them long into the future! I will really miss the Mixels, and even though I'm crying as I type this, I'm glad I joined this Wiki and became a fan of Mixels. I can't believe I've been a Mixels fan since the time when there were only 3 series.

All good things must come to an end, right? Now gimme some space so I can go bawl my eyes out. ;-;

Zelta mega

I found mixels not by my self, but a friend of mine showed me. I saw an advertisement for mixels and found it cool. Then I bought my first two mixels, flain and zaptor. I started collecting ever since and now am here today, in a cool community with awesome people! My final words for the mixels are that is was a great show with 26 episodes but it was underrated and had too many hiatuses which made it hard to keep up with. The franchise, the collectible figures, were fun to build and collect.


Well, I was going to write a really long post, but for some reason it didn't posted it. XP So I'm gonna summarize it.

I know Mixels since CN Asia aired 'Cookironi' back in June 2014, it caught my interest so I looked it up on Google to find out more about it, and I found this wiki. The first person I met in this wiki was Creeper, and we were having fun RPing in the chat together. Then I started collecting Mixels since June 2014, with 2014 Infernites gang as my first Mixels I bought (I think). It also inspires me to draw them on my dA. I have a great memory in June 2015, the time when I won Mixel of The Month, this was my golden days thanks to Mixels Rush assets uploaded in the wiki. Since then, I'm really attached with Mixels till now. It's really sad to let this show go, especially this is the first time I ever fully joined a fandom. :(

But we cannot deny that every good shows has its end, I hope the fandom still lives on even though it's already ended. I'm just gonna say one more thing, and that's it. Goshdarn, I'm so tired typing that long post and it didn't posted. XP


Okay seriously, I'm gonna say one thing before we end.

Thank you so much for 3 years of fun, I hope the fandom and friendship still lives on even after we part ways, and as always... stay zoomy guys.



What else can I say to Mixels but…thanks? I can’t thank it enough for all being in this little fandom has done for me. All the opportunities it has given me, all the people I have met, everything about it! Even though it took until the start of Series 2 for me to join into it, it has brought me more than I ever thought a franchise could for me.

To start out, Mixels brought me into LEGO in general. Sure, I used to build the sets that were meant to be for my brother (he was never into them), but my interest started to wane. It was all thanks to The LEGO Movie that I learned about Mixels, and once I started watching the series, along with a chance of finding some money, I started buying Mixels, and it quickly grew into my special interest. And that’s when the wiki hit.

I can’t thank the Mixels Wiki enough. It’s all thanks to the wiki that I managed to rise to the position that gave me the skills to write about something that got me into the college I’m currently in, something that got me to do a review of sets straight from LEGO themselves, helped me sharpen my art skills even further, and, what I feel is the most important of them all, gave me the chance to meet Dylan, who has risen from not just being my best friend, but my boyfriend. So, thank you, Mixels. Thank you for all you have given me.

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