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I know that the Mixels Wiki had a year-in review last year, but this year, we're doing something QUITE different.

You choose your favorite things that have occurred in both Mixels and the wiki this past year! The polls go live today (December 6th) and end on New Year's (December 31st/January 1st), with the winners announced at the same time.

Winners get this special template on their userpage (or article, in the case of canon content):

Winner! "WINNER!" Mixels Wiki Fans Choice Awards 2015 logo

The subject of this article won the award(s) of Best... at the Mixels Wiki Fans' Choice Awards 2015!

It's been a crazy 2015, so let's begin!


Series 4

  • Best tribe of Series 4? Winner Orbitons!
  • Best Orbiton? Winner Nurp-Naut!
  • Best Infernite? Winner Meltus!
  • Best Glowkie? Winner Globert!
  • Best Mixel of Series 4? Winner Nurp-Naut!

Series 5

  • Best tribe of Series 5? Winner Klinkers!
  • Best Klinker? Winner Jinky!
  • Best Frosticon? Winner Snoof!
  • Best Lixer? Winner Tungster
  • Best Mixel of Series 5? Winner Snoof!

Series 6

  • Best tribe of Series 6? Winner Munchos!
  • Best Weldo? Winner Wuzzo!
  • Best Glorp Corp? Winner Slusho!
  • Best Muncho? Winner Vaka-Waka!
  • Best Mixel of Series 6? Winner Vaka-Waka!

In General


Best Vote Winners

Best Staff

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