They used a Jack-O-Lantern once so...

Editors, get ready for a winter wonderland! Christ-no, Mixmas time is here, and with that comes hot chocolate drinking near an open Infernite fire, caroling in Mixel Park, and so much more. Jingle bells are ringing, and the wiki theme is decked out with boughs of holly. What does that sound like to you? That's right!
Due to popular demand, the Mixels Wiki throws its second themed celebration... December is Maxcember! Every jolly week, we will host a different activity for you to take part in below.
WEEK 1 (12/1-12/8): Tell us what is on your Mixmas list! (We mean real life Christmas list, just so you know.)
WEEK 2 (12/8-12/15): Put your own Mixel spin on a famous Christmas carol!
WEEK 3 (12/15-12/22): Change your icon to a Mixmas theme!
WEEK 4 (12/22-12/29): Tell us what you got for Christmas and/or Hanukkah!
You all are probably wondering what the Mixmas season is all about. Here it goes... Slumbo Claus flies around in his magic Ice Sleigh on Mixmas Eve, delivering rainbow cubits to all of the good little Mixels. Naughty Nixels get a small piece of Elf Lunk's frozen snot. Now you know! Also, a (finally) new, festive issue of The Monthly Mix is upon us.
We hope you are excited to get in on the fun, so please leave a comment with whatever suggestions you may have. HO HO HO! MERRY MIXMAS!
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