Well, that was an unexpected announcement from Cartoon Network! Now, there are new Mixels!



"Main page:Frosticons."

These were founded on the website since the released, but now, there are available! The Mixels that are Frosticons are below:

Also, one of them appeared in an upcoming episode!

Fang Gang

"Main page:Fang Gang."

This dudes are brown with big fangs! And I mean big! The Mixels that are Fang Gangs are below:

These also appear in an upcoming episode!


Before coming here, I had to rename Flexors to Flexers. The Mixels that are Flexers are below:

They don't appear in the upcoming episode.


Anyway, these are the 3 new Mixel tribes. There Lego set is coming this June. What new mixes,murpes or maxes await next?! Find out here:

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